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Monday, July 31, 2017

MGL : Shin Hye Sun's first shooting with refreshing and excitement for drama "My Golden Life "

So many news reported about Shin Hye Sun!

I just pick a couple with good inside story!

1. Title : Shin Hye Sun's first shooting 
with refreshing and excitement for drama "My Golden Life "

The new weekend drama ' My Golden Life' 
(By Scriptwriter, Hyung Kyung / director Kim Hyong Suk / production studio dragon), 

Which is scheduled to be broadcast in September, is a desperate desire for inequality 
and unfairness in the world, A story of happiness. Many people who are in a sense of despair 
that their children's class will be determined by the ability of their parents and the wealth
 they inherited from their parents, 

KBS new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' started shooting on the weekend of July 26th 
with Shin Hye Sun's shooting. The staffs, including Shin Hye Son, who was in charge of 
the lead, who was struggling to become a full-time employee of a large corporation, 
gathered together for the first time. Despite being the first film, the atmosphere continued 
to be warm and cheerful throughout the filming, which brought out the anticipation. 

The production crew said, " My Golden Life' has been a cheerful atmosphere since
 the first filming, thus raising the expectation for future photography. 
We would like to ask you to pay attention
 to "My golden life', which is painted with a warm smile. 

Meanwhile, 'My Golden Life' is scheduled to be broadcasted in early September.
 (Photo courtesy of Studio Dragon) 


2. Title : "Without Long hair" ... Shin Hye Sun captures her first shot of 'My golden life'

On the 26th, the first shoots in Yeongdeungpo-gu and Gangseo-gu in Seoul 

Shin Hye Sun participated with Lee Tae-hwan as Sun woo Hyeok and Seo Eunsoo as 
Seo Ji soo. On this day, Shin Hye Sun walked along the road and concentrated on studying 
foreign languages ​​for a job. She also got a can of beer in front of a convenience store 
and having a meal at a restaurant. In addition, Seo Eun-su and the head of the house
 to go to the shoulder bend and various scenes brought out.

 In particular, Shin Hye Sun transformed into a cool short hair, cutting off her long hair
 that she had kept in her previous work for the surgeon, and it gave a refreshing feeling 
to the scene. Moreover, she's arrived early on the scene and approached one of the bustling staffs
 for the setting of the scene and handed greetings at each other. Shin Hye Sun, 
who was waiting for the filming with tense feeling for her first shot,
 responded to the call of the staff  by saying "Ji-An's shooting",
and gave her unique and lively charm. 

Most of all, director of 'My Golden Life', director Kim Hyung-suk constantly exchanges 
his opinions with actors and the characters, and shows his enthusiasm by conducting 
the scene in a calmly manner. 

The production crew said, "My Golden Life' has been a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere
 since our first shooting, and it has raised our expectations for the future filming. " He said. 

Credit :,com, thank you!

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