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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, July 31, 2017

KBS News : Shin Hye Sun, 'My Golden Life'

Have to share you because this news from the front page of KBS itself!
And the pictures of Shin Hye Sun is better too!

Soon it will be Park Si Hoo's turn as well!^^

"Monday, Weekend home drama ' My golden life ' is in !"

KBS New weekend drama 'My Golden Life (Gaejae)' started with 
Shin Hye Sun's first shooting, and showed a pleasant and refreshing '.

KBS's new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' (writer, Hyung Kyung / director Kim Hyong Suk
 / production studio dragon), which is scheduled to be broadcast in September following 
"My father 's strange", Desperate for unfairness, but finally find the happiness of your 
own happiness. Many people who are in a sense of despair that their children 's class 
will be determined by the ability of their parents and the wealth they inherit from their parents,

KBS new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' was on the weekend of Drama ' The staff, 
including Shin Hye Sun, who was struggling to become a full-time employee of 
a large company, gathered together for the first time. Despite being the first film, 
the atmosphere continued to be warm and cheerful throughout the filming, 
which brought out the expectation.

On July 26, the first shoots in Yeongdeungpo-gu and Gangseo-gu in Seoul participated with
 Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae-hwan of Sunwoo Hyeok and Seo Eunsoo of Seo Jisoo. On this day, 
Shin Hye - sun walked along the road and concentrated on studying foreign languages ​​for a job. 
She also shot a can of beer at a convenience store in front of a convenience store and eating a meal 
at a restaurant. In addition, Seo Eun-su and the head of the house to go around the house 
and various scenes were brought out.

In particular, Shin Hye Sun transformed into a cool single-headed hair, cutting off the long hair 
that she had kept in his previous work for the surgeon, and she gave a refreshing feeling to the scene. (KBS Media Park Jae Hwan)

Written by: Park Jae- hwan Copyright © ⓒ KBS & KBS Media , thank you!

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