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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Updated : MGL : Choi Gwi Hwa will appear in drama 'My Golden Life' ... First melodrama challenge

There is more details about Choi's accepting role in drama " My Golden Life "

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In his interview with Star News,
 Choi Gwi Hwa laughed, "Ha ha ha," 
Saying, "This is a first melodrama after 20 years of debut. 
He said, "There is no special preparation for melodrama," 
He said. "Gangnam-gu" character is a commoner role, so he is just worry about 
how to make good use of his character. " Regarding the situation 
when he will meet with his first love  again. 

The appearance of Choi in this drama, was made by director PD Kim Hyung Suk first. 
He actually casted in the OCN drama 'Bad Guys 2'  and with that situation 
he could not easily accept the proposal from PD Kim regarding the shooting schedule.
 However, 'Bad Guys 2' has been postponed for several reasons, 
so there is room for him to appear in 'My Golden Life'. 

"I was really thankful to Kim Hyung Seok for contacting me first," said Choi Gwi Hwa,
 "I had a great deal of excitement with the writer, Hyun Kyung . I'll show her my best. "  

Choi Gwi Ha is planning to start shooting "My Golden life " from early of August.


 'New Steeler' Choi, Gwi Hwa, will appear in drama 'My Golden Life' 
First melodrama challenge

Star news On 2017-07-29 

Actor Choi, Gwi Hwa / Photo = Lim Kyung-kyun

Actor Choi Gwi Hwa will debut in melody for the first time in 20 years debut 
with KBS 2TV A new weekend drama ' My Golden Life' 

According to the industry on July 29, Choi Gwi Hwa will appear in the role of 'Gangnam-gu' 
in 'My Golden Life', which will be broadcasted in September, following 'My father is strange'. 

'Gangnam-gu' is the president of the neighborhood bakery. He lives in ordinary life, 
and accidentally meet his first love, Soo Young (Sun Woo Hee) again. Choi is going to 
show another fun of the drama by forming a melody line with Jung So Young 
who returned to TV after 4 years.

Choi Gwi Hwa has established an impressive performance in the drama 'Micro-life' 
and the movie 'Busan', becoming 'New Stieeler'. In the second half of this year, 
He expect to meet viewers and audiences in ' My Golden Life' and 
drama 'Bad Guys 2' and movie 'Taxi Driver'. 

Meanwhile, 'My golden life' draws a story of a woman who fail with a chance 
to rise up and realize how to find happiness in it. Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, 
Lee Tae Hwan, Lee Tae Sung, Eun Seo Suh, Choi Gyu Hwa, Jung Soo Young, Lee Da In, 
Chun Ho Jin, Park Joo Hee, It is scheduled to be broadcast in early September.

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Actress, Jung So Young who will act with him as his first love!
Sun Woo Hee, sister of Sun Wu Hyuk (Lee Tae Hwan's character).

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