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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MGL : Cheon Ho Jin, KBS2 new weekend 'golden my life' appearance confirmed

 Economic Star Today 

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Actor Cheon Ho Jin will appear in drama ' My Golden Life' . 

An entertainment official said on July 10 with Economy Star Today, 
"Cheon Ho-jin has confirmed the appearance of KBS2 new weekend drama 'My Golden Life'". 

'My Golden Life' is a drama about the process of seeking happiness after a surge (Shin Hye-sun) who has got the opportunity to rise in status has fallen into hell. 

Chun Ho-jin plays father of Seo Tae-soo in the drama.
He is a man from the Marine Corps who has lived for his family for a lifetime.

Actor Cheon Ho-jin, who has taken the center of the act with a thick masculine acting for each starring role, is expected to take on the character that is perfect for this time and lead the weekend drama, a sign of KBS. 

'My Golden Life' is the work of Kim Hyung-seok, a director of 'My Daughter Seo Young-ee' who wrote the KBS weekend drama show, and Hyun Kyung Kim, who directed 'You are the best girl.' 

Cheon Ho-jin was the third works with So Hyung Kyung, "My Daughter Seoyoung" and "Tooweks". 

Meanwhile, 'My Golden life' will be broadcast in September following 'My father is strange'. 

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