Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Updated Sihoorang : Please click the front page to support Park Si Hoo

(* Fans who would like to participate must have Sihoorang or Duam account )

Updated information :

You can click 10 times per hour!

If you do, please go to the link below

On the front page, look at picture from the left side

Click at the bottom part below Park Si Hoo's picture

D - 305 means Countdown 305 days before his birthday in 2018

Then the number will pop up for you to see!
1 click means 1 point!

You can click as much as you want!

Park Si Hoo was number 10th when I started 
but he's up to number 7th so far! 😄

Let's change the number from 7 to 1

Can we do that? 😊

Thanks again, everyone!

Credit : Sihoorang, thank you!

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