Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 16, 2017

News : KBS "Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun - Lee Tae Hwan," is undergoing a positive review for " My Golden Life " "(Official)

KBS "박시후-신혜선-이태환, '황금빛 내 인생' 긍정 검토 중"(공식)
KBS "Park Sihoo - Shin Hyesun - Lee Tae Hwan," My Golden life " 
is undergoing a positive review "(Official)

Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Tae Hwan (from left) 
are likely to play a part in the KBS weekend play. Hoo factory, tvN, Fantasy O, 

Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun and Lee Tae-hwan are discussing 
the appearance of KBS2 new weekend 'My Golden Life'. 

KBS official said on the morning of June 16, 
"Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun and Lee Tae-hwan are in the process of reviewing 
the appearance of 'My Golden Life'". 

Park Sihoo was reportedly offered to Choi Do-kyung, the only son of the Ha Seong group 
of the company, Shin Hae-sun, Seo Ji-eun of Haeseong group marketing department, 
and Lee Tae-hwan, Shin Hye Sun's high school friend Shin Woo-hyuk. 

Directed by Kim Hyung-seok, who directed "You Vine" 
and "Oh My Venus" 'My father is strange.' 

Credit : Ganghuijeong reporters , thank you!


  1. Yesss! Shin Hye Sun GO FOR IT..just show how multitalented you are.

  2. Park Si Hoo is a Film and Theater..Shin Hye Sung is Film...Lee Tae Hwan is a Film and Theater...Multi talented cast! Read the Synopsis Shin Hye Sun is so perfect to that role because of her simplicity, tall, petite and could immersed that character perfectly. Bravo!