Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 5, 2017

" My Golden Life " will be 50 episodes weekend drama on KBS start 2017/08/26

After checking many news both Korean and English,
This is so far we know about the drama.

1. Drama will be broadcast by KBS during weekend 
on Saturday & Sunday
At 8:00 pm start August 26

2. Leading roles : Park Si Hoo and Uee

3. Park Si Hoo's role :

Name : Choi Dae Kyung, 

The only son of the president of a well known chaebol group and
 The director of the group’s strategic planning department. After graduating with an MBA
 from the United States, he returns to work for the chaebol as a group leader as was the plan 
and as he has been groomed. Born with a silver spoon, he is a dignified gentleman, 
with the physical built and sophisticated elegance that he carries well.

More about the Characters ...

The upcoming weekender will center around a heroine who is given an opportunity
 to elevate her status, but falls further down the socioeconomic ladder 
and finds happiness despite her circumstances.

If she accepts, UEE would play the heroine, who lived a well-to-do life until her family 
became financially ruined when she was in high school. She’s now a temp worker 
in the marketing department of a large corporation, and is described as competitive, 
with a love of sports, and has a good sense of humor and a refreshing personality. 

The hero, potentially played by Park Si hoo, will naturally play the third-generation 
chaebol heir being groomed to take over the company our heroine works in. 
He doesn’t seem to be the regular old cold chaebol type though, 
and is called a gentleman with an aristocratic air.

More about the production team...

Directing is PD Kim Hyung-suk, whose credits include You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly,
and writing is So Hyun-kyung of My Daughter Seo-young and Twenty Again. 

4. It's a weekend drama or family drama with 50 episodes

5. Shooting will start in July, 
Broadcasting : Beginning August 26
 Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM 
The drama series will replace currently airing “My Father is Strange.” 

More details & confirmation will come out soon!

Credit : soompi and, thank you!


  1. I'm waiting to this time !!! This is happiness to my soul .

    1. I felt the same as you! Last night I got only 4 hours sleep! Too excited to sleep! Hahaha

  2. Ma rog la Dumnezeu ca acesta revenire sa vina ! Ar fi timpul ! Mare pacat ca a pierdut acesti ani ,nu numai PSH ci si noi ,fanii lui !

    1. Sometimes life's that way, Gabriela! Someone wants to prove how much a great man can endure with dignity. And Park Si Hoo had proven us he never lost it.
      It just make his love toward his fans stronger and deeper than any other actors can. I guarantee you I had experienced that myself and it will be with me for the rest of my life. He really loves and care his fans not only fans from three major countries but all of us, If you gives him a chance to prove it.^^

  3. Nu sunt ani pierduti, Gabriela. Nici pentru Park Si Hoo, nici pentru noi. Si asta pentru ca a stiut cum sa ramana in picioare, neinfrant de furtuna si a continuat sa munceasca din greu pentru cariera sa. A reusit sa devina din ce in ce mai bun, incantandu-ne pe noi, fanii lui cu dezvaluirea altor talente ale sale. Pierderea e de partea entretainmentului Korean.
    They are not lost years, Gabriela. Neither for Park And Hoo, nor for us. And that's because he knew how to stay up,defeat the storm and continued to work hard for his career. He succeeded in becoming better and better, delighting us, his fans, revealing his other talents. Loss is on the Korean entretainment side.

  4. This is exciting news! I'm so happy! I missed him so much! He finally came back! I'm proud of him!