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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, June 3, 2017

JOFC : 4th Anniversary of the Fan Club, Member Renewal, and gifts

 Fan club 4th anniversary!

Thanks to the 4th anniversary, thank you for your gratitude ...

June 17, Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club will be marked as the 4th anniversary.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the four years I have been watching over the warm love of many fans .

We will continue to improve the service of the official website as a bridge connecting between Si Hoo and all of our members.
Humbly thank you for your continued support in the future.

In addition this year of June, fan club 4th anniversary, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo 3 in the city,
"Park Si Hoo drama Festival ! Big thank you tour 2017 " is held,
A wonderful event is going to be a plenty of months ^ ^

Well, from the fan club that celebrates the fourth anniversary,
June 7 is a guide of your procedure update to members of everyone that has been enroll in January.

This time, in June sometimes during Park Si Hoo visit to Japan event will be held,

We will also accept renewal procedures at the venue for that "Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Day Tour 2017 ".

In addition, we are also preparing a special project to give "○ ○ tickets" to everyone who is updating at the venue.
※ Details of "○ ○ tickets" will be announced at a later date.

The procedure of renewal is as follows.

[Update procedure]

1. If there is a change in the registered contents, please change from <My page>.
※ There are times when you do not receive mailings and e-mails.

2. If you have not completed or changed, please transfer the renewal fee to the designated account below or "post office payment form"

Please payment.
◆ Mizuho Bank Takadanobaba Branch Normally 2898477  Tea Opie Co., Ltd.
◆ Update cost  6.500 yen
(Please make sure to enter your membership number and name correctly when making a transfer )

3. If you participate in 'Park Si Hoo Drama · Festival! Great Thanksgiving Tour 2017 ', the renewal procedure is possible at the venue.

Please fill in "Request for renewal application" set up at the venue on the day, please register at "Fan Club Booth".

※ If you do not change the contents of registration, please fill in only the member number and your name.

As a further update benefit

4 to commemorate the 4th anniversary, we offer a special gift to our next updated!

The photograph is an image. 

It's a 4th Anniversary fan club metal batch

※ For those that have been updated procedures in June,
it will be shipped by the end of July.

★ Information on updated gifts ★

■ First update

Original post it

■ Second update

Original special electromagnetic wave blocking sticker

■ Third update


 3rd anniversary membership card ♪

Please take this opportunity to update the procedure, thank you.

Please check the video message from Shiff at the official website 【VIDEO 】. ^ ^

TEL : 03-6380-3752 FAX : 03-6380-3750 (weekdays 13 : 00 ~ 17 : 00 ) 

Credit :, thank you

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