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Saturday, June 17, 2017

ENG News : Shin Hye-sun, Lee Tae-hwan offered weekender My Golden Life

They reported the updated news about these two actors who offering the roles in this drama.
Consider it as " the source to understand the characters in this drama clearly for us 
who depend on English news

Translated by tineybeanie/dramabeans, thank you!

Shin Hye-sun (Legend of the Blue Sea) and Lee Tae-hwan (Father I’ll Take Care of You)
 are currently reviewing offers to be in Park Shi-hoo’s (Neighborhood Hero) comeback project, 
My Golden Life. UEE was initially in the running to be his female lead, but she has declined. 
The drama is a weekender about a woman who gets the opportunity to elevate her position
 in life, but somehow ends up falling further down instead. It will tell the story of 
how she overcomes her situation and ends up finding joy in the little things in life.

It will also cover the theme of the hidden, silent pain of men through one story arc of 
a father who struggles to watch his children grow up without many opportunities. 
He grew up poor as well, and even though he did what he could in life to leave his poverty,
 in the end he did not have the resources to pass on a legacy of wealth or prestige to them.

Photo courtesy to mikida

Park Si Hoo’s character is the only son of Haesung Group’s CEO, currently working 
as the head of its strategic department. Having earned his MBA degree in America, 
he returned to familiarize himself with the family business and is going through 
an informal apprenticeship as the successor who will become the company’s next leader. 
A born aristocrat, he’s a gentleman through and
 through with his polite manners and chic charisma.

Shin Hye-sun, if she confirms, will play a marketing team contract employee Seo Ji-ahn, 
who is a reliable worker with a bit of a competitive side, an optimistic outlook on life, 
and a playful personality. She lived a princess-like life until her first year in high school 
when her father’s company went bankrupt. Now she must put on a brave face, enduring
 unjust criticism, to achieve the coveted status of a permanent employee. 

Lee Tae-hwan’s character is Shin Hye-sun’s high school classmate named Sun Woo-hyuk. 
He’s a student majoring in industrial design, currently on leave in order to concentrate
 on running his startup, an internet mall selling DIY furniture for singles. 
He’s an energetic and brave individual who has very particular
 likes and dislikes.

So Hyun-kyung, the writer of heartwarming family drama My Daughter Seo-young 
(also 49 Days, Twenty Again, and Two Weeks), and Kim Hyung-seok, the PD 
of light rom-com Oh My Venus and the cheerful weekend drama 
You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, will be collaborating for this upcoming KBS drama,
 which is set to premiere in August.

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