Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 2, 2017

Drama Festival Tour : CD " Do Not Leave " as present to fans who attend all 5 performances!

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Released ... CD " Do Not Leave " as present to fans who attend all 5 performances!


It is Park Official Japan Fan Club secretariat.

"Park Si Hoo starring drama festival! Big Thanksgiving Tour 2017" is up to 8 days!

Last time I told you
5 handed gifts from Si Hoo to everyone who attend all 5 performances!

Personal presents, how!
The whole show was exhibited as " Si Hoo day "
~ Prince Si Hoo of the Flowers and his Princesses ~"

The gift is...

CD of Park Si Hoo's New song " Do not Leave "(not for sale ) ♪

< How to Participate in this 5 Performance Conquest Rewards Association >

① Please show tickets (and tickets ) for 5 shows to the staff of the fan club booth.
※ 5 performances: 
June 9 days at Fukuoka performances, 
June 11 days at Osaka (day&night) performances, 
June 15 days at Tokyo (day&night) performances

② After the staff has checked the tickets, 
we will hand out the " 5 Performance Conquest Exhibit Ticket".

③ " 5 if to have a concert domination benefits participation ticket",  
On June 15 you can participate in the benefits meeting that takes place
 after Tokyo performance.

※ Please note that the " 5 Performance Conquest Award Bonus Ticket"
 can not be reissued even if lost, 
please keep it without losing to the Rewards Association.

※ Those who have all 5 performances tickets and who are unable to participate 
in the reward meeting will be presented with a present to be handed over 
at the fan club booth at the reward conference.

※ If you have a ticket for 5 shows, you can hand it at Fan Club, Fukuoka, Tokyo, 
all fan club booths, " 5 Concert Award Bonus Ticket" .

* If you have an invitation ticket to a back stage participation, 
you can not participate in this rewards.

■ Inquiries (Weekdays 13 : 00 ~ 17 : 00 )
TEL : 03-6380-3752 FAX : 03-6380-3750 

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