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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 30, 2017

"Confession of Murder " vs "22 Years of Confession"

Never get a chance to watch the Japanese version yet

But this article posted by Japanese fan who watched both versions

Let see what she has to say! 😊

Link :

With Google translation
We'll go point to point to make it easy to understand

Spoil Alert!

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" Confession of Murder " vs " 22 years of confession "

The first impression when I watched

 "Confession of Murder" four years ago, 

It' action thriller

But I name...

"22 years of confession" 


1. Of course, also the scene of the pool

2. There were no " Car chasing scene " and " Explosion Scene "

3.  He didn't kneel down on the ground in the rain too
(Japanese version, he kneeled down on the ground at lobby of the hospital)

4. Also no Abduction 

5. Korean version liked Hollywood movie

"Confession of Murder" is almost like Hollywood movie

"22 Years of confession" it wasn't look stylish or urbanized 

6. Not much of action scenes

Also, the action scenes is less to say.

7.  Not creepy enough!

Sonezaki is Lee Du Seok but he wasn't creepy or cunning enough

It might be because we already knew he is not a real murder.

If you would like to see more of Lee Du Seok  
Please click here

It's Du Seok category

Lee Du Seuk

(Show you some pictures, still a lot to see from the link. Thank you, Peace!)

Credit :, thank you!

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