Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TBS : Write a comment to receive special Backstage visit ticket at Park Si Hoo Drama Festival

The tricky part is you have to download the app first!

From TBS twitter

【更新】6月に「パク・シフ 主演ドラマ・フェス!
大感謝祭ツアー」を行う #パク・シフ さんから
特集ページを今すぐチェック☞  #パクシフ

[Update] in June, " Park Si Hoo drama festival! 
Thanks for Park Si Hoo Big Festival tour " Park Si Hoo has sent from 
From TBS Korean entertainment
 To write a comment to receive 
Ticket give away to visit a Backstage is now accepting for application! 
Check the Specials page now 
☞  # Park Si Hoo 

Pictures from video on TBS App

Translation by Google

Hi This is Park Si Hoo. How are you?

Park Si Hoo Drama Festival has been decided!

6/9 in Fukuoka 6/11 in Osaka and 6/15 will be in Tokyo

Because we are going to show various figures 
with different drama concept for each performance

Everyone please look forward to it! 
Thank you very much! 

Love you ~

Credit : TBS, thank you!

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