Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our trip to Korea : Mr. Kim's restaurant, Foods, Folk village, Cheongdam-Dong, and beyond!

This episode will be our last one for this trip!

A lot in our memories but we think all you want to hear from us is just about ...

 " Park Si Hoo "

So we're better keep it short!^^

One morning we had a meeting with our Korean friends.
After kept texting with each other, finally we would meet them today.

They suggested us to have lunch at Mr. Kim's restaurant located in Gangnam-gu

Mr. Kim's restaurant

Mr. Kim was Park Si Hoo's manager before he opened this business.
So there was a connection with our man!^^

Mr. Kim and us

PSH's autograph on the wall

The foods we had were the same orders Park Si Hoo had when he was there.
Eat like our actor and sit at the same spot as our actor sat that's our mission here!^^

Seafood stew was so delicious if you can take spice!^^

Korean foods

We tried many foods that locals will eat.
Whenever we recognized them from Park Si Hoo's dramas!^^

Odeng - Fish cake on skewer with broth

Tteokbokki - Spicy rice cake : So good

Gimbap at local market

We ordered noodles and the rest is complimentary

Spicy fried chicken with Soju!
Umm..we had a good sleep that night!^^

Korean Folk village (KFV)

It is a village from the Joseon period composed of real houses 
relocated from provinces of the country.
It's raining while we're there, luckily it's light enough 
so we're able to walk around the village without a problem.

Other Princesses' Man^^

Actually both of them were good looking actors also
But we had only one " Numja " who we care about!^^

The Galleria

After we finished our lunch at Mr. Kim's restaurant, we took a taxi to look around
 the location Park Si Hoo's drama " Cheongdam-Dong Alice " used 
at the Galleria in Cheongdam-Dong.

PSH at the Galleria shooting CDDA in 2012-2013

We couldn't find exact spot as Park Si Hoo took in the drama 
but our Korean friends confirmed most outdoor location was taken on this street. 
Only CDDA took place during the night around Christmas time. 
So there were lots of Christmas light & decoration along the street 
and hard to believe, it's almost five years ago in 2012-2013.

The Galleria

Time to wrap up our trip now!^^

Many thanks to ...

My dear Aann who came along with me in this journey.
Aann's also a big fan of Park Si Hoo then no one else I would like to be with 
better than another PSH's fan on this trip. 
I hope you had a great time as I did with you, Aann.

Next persons is our Korean friends, Shinsarang & Julie for everything 
they had done for us during we stayed in Korea, thank you and we love you!

Thanks to the Park family, especially Grandmother and Papa Park 
who gave us a warmth welcome when we visited them in Buyeo.

My last words will go to Park Si Hoo who is the main reason 
I picked Korea to be my last stop before heading back home to United states. 
Getting to know you, make me curious about your country, your cultures, 
and Buyeo, a charming small town that I had never imagine to get a chance to know
 if it's not because of a man names ... 

Park Si Hoo, this extraordinary son of Buyeo

(PS : Many of you may curious we got a chance to meet him on this trip?
The answer is : Yes, we did!^^ )

Thank you for reading, everyone!


  1. Thank you for sharing Nikki and Aann...
    Wowwwww both of you so lucky to met him^^