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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Official website for Park Si Hoo Drama Festival Tour 2017 : June 9, 11, and 15

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Park Si Hoo Drama Festival! Thanksgiving Tour 2017

Park Si Hoo will visit Japan! 
Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo

Drama event that gathered Park Si Hoo's main works including drama "Princess'  Man" 
"Cheongdam-dong Alice" "Unnamed Hero "! Name scene, name line, and then reproduce 
those scenes in front of you! A stage full of realism like entering the world of the drama! 
Please come and join Park Si Hoo club who became the protagonist of the dramas. 

Encounter with destiny person Seung Yu 
on Friday, June 9 OPEN 17: 30 ~ START 18: 30 
Venue : ACROS Fukuoka Symphony Hall 

About drama "Princess' Man" is a coup period under the reign of 
the 6th Korean dynasty motif, depicting the love of a man and a woman 
torn apart and revenge, the Joseon Dynasty Romeo And Juliet. Park Si Hoo 
in a role of Kim Seung Yoo, who was in the destiny of love with 
the heroine's Se Ryung without knowing that their parents were enemies 
Revenge or love? The love of this man and woman unfolded in the ultimate conflict
 is painted purely and in the Fukuoka performance 
It will shake the viewers' hearts by looking back to the scene
and re-producing a fateful encounter with Seung Yoo.

(Day) Bar Talk with Neighbors Si yun 
(Night) Nameless Hero
June 11 (Sun) Open day 13: 00 ~ START 14: 00 ~ 
night OPEN 17: 00 ~ START 18: 00 ~ 
Osaka · Namikiri Hall 

About " Nameless Hero " 
The former staff of the Intelligence Bureau 
who swore a vengeance for his junior who had died, 
A poor student who wants to be a policeman. 
An action that grows into a hero who plays in a leap to help people 
in the town while encountering criminal gang and love. 
Park is a former secret staff of the information department, 
Beak Seung Yoo, serving the people of the town while managing the bar. 
In Osaka performance, 
He plans to appear as a hero to help fans and become energetic.

(Day) Love comedy! 
Lawyer Soe In Woo vs  CEO Seung Jo with a Fierce action! 
Night : "Shadow Hero Shi Yun 
June 15 (Thu) 
Daytime OPEN 14: 00 ~ START 15: 00 ~ 
Night OPEN 18: 00 ~ START 19: 00 ~ Tokyo · 
Venue : Tokyo Dome City Hall

About drama " Prosecutor's Princess " is a new prosecutor of a naughty young lady 
who experienced various incidents and grew up as a loving successful prosecutor Ma Hye Re,
Park played as a super hero who supports the heroine and in a role of Soe In Woo 
who is a good lawyer with somehow had a mysterious background. 
In the Tokyo performance, we will look back at such a drama 
He will appear as lawyer, Seo In Woo and analyze Seo In Woo in the play! 

About drama "Cheongdam-dong Alice" is a love romance of ordinary girl admire 
for luxury and celebrities life. Park Si Hoo played a fashion brand CEO 
as a role of Cha Seung Jo, and performs a magical and pure character! 
The viewer was nailed with a cute appeal different from the cool image so far. 
A lovely Seung Jo will come to Tokyo for afternoon performance? Yes he will! 

There will be High five after each performance!

Credit :, thank you!

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