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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, April 27, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo Hold a special promotion for a hit drama : Nameless Hero!

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[POP = Hwang Suyeon Herald reporter: 
"Finally, I get the" Nameless Hero "Park Sihoo!"
( Look like a reporter was very excited as well^^ )

Actor Park Si Hoo wants to reward"Nameless Heroes craze, 
he sets out for a special event.

Park Sihoo coming to Japan in June to open the "dramatic (DRAMATIC) Promotional ', provide a venue capable of direct communication at a short distance, and the Japanese fans 
and respiration meeting. Park Sihoo are coming to Fukuoka starting June 9th, 11 days
 after the Osaka to visit Japan at a constant finding in Tokyo on the 15th.

Above all, this promotion of the Park Sihoo was planned due to deunopeun request 
of "unnamed hero, superhero 'in' heroes' to meet the Japanese fans want Park Sihoo. 
For new fans learned through the drama of gratitude to the support of existing fans 
and at the same time Battleships not inside the drama, it is expected to bring 
another attractive and inspiring the actor Park Sihoo met outside.

In particular, "the unnamed hero 'is the foundation had recognized' very hot ', etc. 
are successively after the broadcast on terrestrial TV channels in Osaka in February
 last year decided terrestrial broadcast channel. In Okayama Prefecture, 
Kagawa Prefecture Terrestrial TV Since last March, it is being broadcast 
on nationwide cable BS11 in April.

Others in the other channel to see a review of the notice to the strength of the 
"Korean Wave Heroes Park Sihoo 'came up with proof' unnamed hero, Hero of 
the non-cool popular once again over, Park Sihoo juyeonjak of which goes to" 
Park Sihoo driving View ' condition. Lara (LALA) is an unusual phenomenon 
in Cheongdam-dong Alice "for the channel that the Park Sihoo appeared galaxies 
 in 4, 5, wolhwasumokgeum weekends across Japan in June, 
including broadcasting" The Princess 'Man' is going on in TV.

This "dramatic (DRAMATIC) Promotions of the relevant Park Sihoo reflect 
that collects hot popular enough to be broadcast in the current global Japan 
'nameless hero, superhero," dwaetgeona the hero of the drama progresses terrestrial broadcasters, regional currently broadcasting It achieved a dramatic visit to 
the concept. Japanese industry also in Japan the fans and the will of the Park Sihoo 
"Korean hero 'move will have a profound encountered in a long time, 
but an analysis that keen.

Park Sihoo agency "after the factory, said," Park Sihoo is preparing to meet 
 fans with gratitude. "" We committed to preparing such a surprise special stage 
that can directly interact with the fans, "he said.

The periphery of the Park Sihoo 'nameless hero, superhero, is the hero of 
the neighborhood, "the Japanese version which was broadcast in the last OCN. 
At the time of broadcast in the country also attracted a topic of 
hot-rolled Park Sihoo to mature.

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