Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Please vote for " Actor " who you want to give your chocolate on this Valentine! Part # 1

This Japanese voting site just started on Jan 25!

They give you three main actors (by their characters in the drama )!
And the role of " Seo In Woo " 
In his drama " Presecutor Princess " was presented in this vote.

The idea is " who is the main  character you want to give your chocolate for " on this valentine!

We show you just a part from the article related to Park Si Hoo.

Title :

Who is the main character (In Korean dramas) 
You want to give your chocolate for on this Valentine?

The Valentine season is approaching. What kind of man you want to give chocolate for?
 Do not worry about a woman who has been shunned that there are no people 
to give up in reality. Let's have a delusion in the world of drama ♪

This time, I picked up three male heroes suitable for Valentine from among popular works! 
Lineup to be worried about, of "The Heirs" Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), of "Doctor Gentiles" 
Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk), of "Prosecutor Princess" Seo In Woo (Park Si-hoo).
Please find the hero you want to give chocolate from among these. 
Well, what type do you like?

Reliable Superman Boys ... Soe In Woo

If you like a reliable superman who can help you anytime, it is decided by Soe In Woo  
of "Prosecutor Princess"! He is also a lawyer and a profession is alright, the job is perfect, 
it is a so-called dekiru man who says it in a street.

He always appears everywhere in a dangerous place and protect you without worrying 
about injuring himself, and if he feels painful, he gently strikes his back and covers it.
Moreover, Seo In Woo is a cook. He can quickly made dinner with a brilliant kitchen skill. 
Yet, he's not only gentle, but somewhat mysterious and mysterious place is also a big appeal. 
If you think that you have smoked with light taste without showing real intention, 
I will let your eyes be filled with tears with a tricky thought. If I can show such 
an unprotected figure, my heart completely to him ... ....

It is not just chocolate, it makes me want to give him everything (laugh).
Who was the hero who wanted to give you chocolate? Every male is nice and wondering. Pick up the three works this time, " TSUTAYA TV during the delivery at". Why do not you check it if you want to deeply feel soaked in delusion? 

Credit :, thank you!

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