Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to vote for " Actor " who you want to give your chocolate on this Valentine! Part # 2

Link to vote : 

(* Recommend Chrome for easy translation)

You will see the article and photos of Park Si Hoo and the other actors

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page 
You will see PSH's name on the 3rd line of the list

~ Click his name ~

2. Confirm you really want to vote for PSH

~ Click " Send " to confirm ~

3. Voting result will appear!

(*This result recorded in the afternoon of 1/26)

~ Updated : PSH's No. 1 now! ~

Reminder :

1. This voting started from 1/25 - 2/15
2. You can vote only one time upon your devices you have
(I voted twice with my computer & iPhone)

Thanks again for your cooperation, Park Si Hoo's fans!

Credit :, thank you!


  1. Why Seo In Woo with 21,81% percentage is the first male hero who wants to give chocolate to Valentine ? I don't understand, sorry.

    1. Hi Dana : PSH is No. 1 right now! This is Seo In Woo's name write in Japanese " ソ・イヌ " and Park Si Hoo's name in Japanese " パク・シフ "

      In the article they put his name at the 3rd actor but it doesn't mean he's ranked in 3rd!

      After you voted the result will show you the current result and PSH is No. 1 right now with 41.72% since this afternoon. (Last time I checked)

      Any more question? Feel free to ask, thank you!^^

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  3. Thanks for the explanation. I was confused by numbers, and about Japanese, what can I say? It is quite difficult for me.
    But, don't worry, I voted what must be voted.