Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Change's coming to Buyeo Blog!^^

Dear our Readers & Friends

A big change is coming this February, 2017

First I (Nikki) will take an oversea trip to Asia for a couple of months.

 I will travel from place to place 
It will be impossible for me to run the blog as smooth as it used to be.

Because of this reason...

Start from Next week on Wednesday, Febuary 1!

 " Son of Buyeo " blog will no longer provide you daily posts anymore.

The best we can promise you is...we will post when we have time to!

I started creating my blog for Park Si Hoo since Febuary 2012.

This year will be my 5th anniversary and it's time to make this adjustment.

Always thankful....
To all of you who stopped by and left us your comments from time to time.

Park Si Hoo's fans unlike any other fandoms

We share our sorrow & happiness
Nothing we hadn't gone through together as family have to.

That makes Park Si Hoo's fandom's unique & special!

Only us will understand how we felt!

So please think this way....

We change our operating from....
 Daily news to A Weekly magazine or some sources! 

I, myself will post more often on my Instagram account 

Link :

And I'm " nikki777 " over there! 😊

The only account I can manage to do with my iPhone
Otherwise, see you whenever Park Si Hoo makes his appearance!^^

Thank you, everyone!

From...Son of Buyeo

~ Nikki, Lookmoo, and CSI ~


  1. No worries Nikki ! Enjoy your vacation in Asia. Hope you get to visit PSH in Korea !

    1. Thanks, SueLynn for your understanding & your visit for these years! And Yes, I will!^^

  2. Thank you for all! Enjoy your vacation! Be healthy! Be happy! With love, Anna.