Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 30, 2016

News : Entertainment celebrities invited for reality show " Star Descent"

* This article mentioned Park Si Hoo's names at the end. More of introducing the host of 
the show and what activities they're doing. As far as we know the program is on air on Saturday, not sure how often it shows. Anyway they still mentioned Park Si Hoo and Jee Suk Jin as a partner team in this program. So we just have to wait & see what will happen!^^

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TV report original article forwarding 2016-07-29 

[TV report bakseol = reporters] Buddies will appear in China and experience working in reality program "Star Descent ".

Picture from Parksihoo@weibo, thank you!

On July 28 days at Shandong, China Wuping County Super Junior's Leeteuk, with Chinese broadcasters in Shandong Satellite TV 'star Advent' record from. Following recent appearances to the Hunan Satellite TV entertainment studio 'slowly improving' guest entertainment is the second place in China.

Shrine visited the oil production base is located in Wuping County with Leeteuk, interrupted. showed on July 29 after the shooting on July 28.

In-China joint entertainment program "Star Advent is about pretended workers in this program with stars, Hanzhong Star is a program that will visit the two countries now experience the working environment. Recent progress was recorded in the Leeteuk and SNSD Sunny, Hyoyeon, China, the actor will also be starring comedian Ji Suk-jin and Park Si Hoo.

Credit : Bakseol reporters / Photo DB = TV report

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