Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Local Hero : Rank # 30 for the first half of year 2016

This information we saw from Baidu but had no idea where the original one was.
Only it's from Korea site for sure!

Fan who posted it said ....

This data consists from good data website from the first week of January to the beginning of the third week of June. It considered the first half of this year for all TV broadcast survey results gathered from the network news, Blog, community, twitter, video and other Internet. 

This is the first half of South Korea ranking. " Local Hero" is ranked # 30, not bad hey!


*Why she said it's not bad at all? 
Because OCN is a paid channel, not every household can watch it.
Different from most dramas produced by KBS, SBS, or MBC that are free channels.  
TVN is a paid channel also but they created many good dramas before OCN. 
From what we understood, OCN are well known from broadcasting International movie 
from around the world to Korean viewers more than creating their own show. 
And if you look at this first half of year 2016, 
 Local Hero is rank number # 1 among OCN dramas 
followed by other OCN drama in # 32.
 Yes, not bad at all!^^ )

Credit :, thank you!

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