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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 16, 2016

( VDO ) Local Hero's rice wreath report from Dreame


OCN drama 'Neighborhood Hero' actor Park Si Hoo at press conference 
(Park Si Hoo) support dreeam rice wreaths - Rice Wreath Dreame for Park Si Hoo

Actor Park Sihoo (Park Si Hoo) deurimi large multinational fans to send rice wreaths to 
OCN drama starring Park Sihoo hero of the neighborhood, with the continued support of 
Park Sihoo rice wreaths. January 19 afternoon, Seoul Yeongdeungpo Times Square has opened 
Park Si hoo support rice wreaths delivered to the hero of the neighborhood 'press conference in ahmoriseu Hall, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam dozens of countries fans in Malaysia 
and International fan club will participate both send 3.7 tons to cheer for Park Sihoo. 

Park Sihoo support deurimi rice wreaths donated 3.7 tons of rice for difficult neighbors
 in 185 homes, such as elderly people living alone in Buyeo, Chungnam National 
Park Sihoo eunsanmyeon according to the will of the fans.

Multinational fan of Park Sihoo are past September 05, 2010 sent deurimi rice wreaths 130kg in
 Park Sihoo fan meeting and cheering the Park Sihoo and to begin to donate to the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle, July 13, 2011 KBS 'The Princess' Man' production donated to the presentation 
and October 6 'the Princess' man 'MBC divided and sent deurimi rice wreaths of 630kg in jongbangyeon, 12, 2012 May 10, the movie "Confession of murder' deurimi the production 
briefing rice wreaths 1.6 t, 10 May 29, "Confession of murder 'deurimi the premiere of rice 
wreaths 220kg, November 27 SBS' Cheongdam-dong Alice deurimi a press conference rice 
wreaths to 2.28 tons and briquettes deurimi wreath 1 ceiling, April 6, 2014 days happy birthday 
fan meeting deurimi rice wreaths 2.8 t, 4 2015 April 3 Happy birthday fans now all up, etc. 
come to send deurimi rice wreaths 2.5 tons to the meeting and send deurimi rice wreaths 13.96 
tons and briquettes deurimi wreath 1 ceiling over nine times cheering for Park Sihoo did. 
In the meantime, the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Park Sihoo is sharing with MBC, Korea, 
the central Crime Victim Assistance Center, Seoul Gangbuk-gu Office, Buyeo eunsanmyeon 
offices, including the headquarters Love Briquettes Movement has continued to donate rice
 and briquettes of love to the needy through.

Held last January 19 at the "hero of the neighborhood 'Park Sihoo the press conference," 
the press conference is only 4 to 5 years. The emotion is new. Seolregi and also is also blurred. Dwaeseo able to stand back from this place is really happy as a dream, "he" did not sleep
 last night. He stumbled heart palpitations. Sometimes awkward, but I wish I'd look pretty, "
he revealed an extraordinary testimony. Park Sihoo took the pole of a former secret agent 
baeksiyun station. It was once so promising agents to represent the Central Intelligence Agency, 
after the collapse of everything, the person goes to a plurality of blades. Find information about running a small luxury saloon bar (bar), but not to forget about things beyond the injustice 
going on in the neighborhood will act as 'shadow' to ensure justice. 'Hero of the neighborhood' espionage drama is life hyperlocal fight against evil sikimyeo meet the temporary Black youth 
former police personnel wounded dream of growing him as a secret agent. SNSD ,
Yoon Tae-young Lee Soo-hyuk and Park Sihoo glass Jo Sung-ha Song Jae-ho ,
Jung Man-sik, etc. appeared.

OCN drama 'local hero' actor Park Sihoo (Park Si Hoo) support deurimi rice wreaths - wreaths donated rice wreaths deurimi / rice consumption nationwide movement to promote projects 2070 1544-8489

Credit : dreame., thank you!

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