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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

News : The power of the actor, Park Si Hoo since he's up to the action melodrama,

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[= Choejeongah Sports World News] is from the emotional melodrama to drastic action. 
Park Sihoo the topic has attracted a variety of transformation. To Learn that Park Si Hoo has attracted a lot of love transforming into different characters and from the screen and CRT. From a romantic guy catching yeosim will now eye-catching'm utmost spewing attractive as the man shook up namsim. Park Sihoo is the hideout of former CIA agents and agents from the current OCN drama 'Local Hero' being broadcast popular lead to a Hot-rolled currently president of the BAR baeksiyun in the neighborhood. After sharpening the blade with a plurality of lost everything in a moment of intrigue to the organization he is indeed a hero of the neighborhood "of the fight hit charisma, etc., etc. Figure 1 Figure 1 brain. Strutting the masculine character as a loyal uncovering the mystery surrounding the death of juniors that enhance the completeness of the drama in perfect sync rate. Assignment of soft play it (glass) shot to the heart, as well as the audience's taste and interest received by the body is a situation in which expectations are focused on his appearance to emerge in the future.

In March movies ahead of the opening "After Love " Park Si Hoo is heralding another character transformation. Because the injured he has to be given up his long dream. It's enough to dry up himself and even his feelings of love to woman who can not forget her first love eunhong ( growing by the true heart of Yoon Eun Hye) showcase the look realize that the feelings of love. His movie affectionate aspects that can be found throughout the ages and the back door of anyone smoke soft eyes inevitably submerged overwhelming. Even if a representative of the birth of this new romantic film industry is turning to represent an exaggeration to say this is not a rumor. Park Sihoo Here is a complete suite will be available to clean and fit for the job as a pilot and then the solid yeosim sniper and at the same time causing the curiosity of the audience is expected. 
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  1. Tomorrow is AL's premiere and I hope it will be well received by public.
    I'm looking forward to see it and have a good cry.

    1. Hope the DVD's will be out soon with Eng Subs. Praying!!!!

    2. It seems that the premiere was rescheduled for 31 March 2016.

    3. That's correct, Daniela!^^ That will be better for PSH to have some rest before the premiere & fans who will attend his Birthday will get a chance to watch the movie in theater too!