Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, February 19, 2016

News : Police launched the investigation in malicious comments online against Park Si Hoo!

"Alleged investigation is being progress right now "

Set out in (BUSINESS 1) after the civil reporter : actor Park Sihoo ( 38 ) police investigations 
about the accused case against the Netizens who wrote malicious comments about him. 
On Feb 18, Gangnam Station, Police said they had conducted an investigation about 
the complaint that filed against the netizens as insulting with abusive comments suspicion (insult)
 Mr. Park that left constantly harassing comments using vulgar expressions about him over
 the past few years. These netizens are 76 people for 25 days last month, the complaint was filed
 in the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office to these 76 netizens on Jan 25. 
This investigation led to the prosecution fell gangnam seo. The police official said 
" The investigations are underway to contact Mr. Park's agent" and "specific allegations
 and will continue to proceed with the investigation to identify the suspects," he said.

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