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Monday, February 15, 2016

After Love News : Park Si Hoo, this time the world is irreplaceable

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Actor, Park Sihoo embarked on a varied character transformation

Movie After Love '(uh frontline supervision) comes third, regardless of the genre of Park Sihoo in May, ahead of the opening, has attracted the attention moves the character, regardless smoke. Drama, regardless of which would postpone the colorful characters from the movie, each in a different genre and the expectations of the audience to go on top of each other accumulated Park Sihoo of smoke pitting top of each other increases.

Park Sihoo the 2012 movie attempts to transform the smoke through the "Confession of Murder" and proved once again his extraordinary presence. Published an autobiography written for the murder of the acts and the existing image of the decomposition Ours as a serial killer being a star strong and, and acting the character of the opposite that left a strong impression on the audience. 

His other transformed recently began airing OCN drama It can be found through the "hero of the neighborhood." In this story Park Sihoo is acting as a shadow to keep the definitions do things beyond, once was a secret agent promising enough to be representative of the Central Intelligence Agency are trying to forget the injustice going on in a person going to the plurality of blades after the collapse of everything in an instant neighborhood back Siu He played a role. Practice martial arts expert and former secret agent turned into a Park Sihoo perfect example is fully dissolved in character, such as serving a variety of martial arts action scenes are acclaimed it enhances the commitment of the role.

Thus works across every genre from romance, thriller, action, drama Park Sihoo that left a strong impression as a kaleidoscopic appearance changes with the new character seems to do toktokhi its role in 'After Love. Because wounds have to give up the dream of man to pilot hot-rolled Sung Joon Park Sihoo've dried up even the feeling of love is aiming to look cool man does not open his mind with the infinite tender Ours appearance as in this work. In particular, Table Melo Park Sihoo eyes may show up to be a sniper, as well as to properly align the first women's hearts Yoon Eun Hye breathing this work attracted the expectations of the audience to the climax.

"After Love 'shall appear Park Sihoo, Yoon Eun Hye. The opening in March

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