Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 1, 2016

Our Happiest New Year Present in 2016....Baek Si Yoon

Happy New Year to Park Si Hoo's fans

Sorry, we're not in full swing yet, it's still part of our long vacation break
 but can't keep silent when so many exciting thing happen lately!^^

Be happy & healthy that the best wishes everyone want to have in our lives!

All I want to say is how happy & lucky I am and we are to be Park Si Hoo's fans!

We are very sophisticated people, aren't we?^^
Before we picked the right actor to be our most favorite actor to love & support!
We did our own research to make sure he is a right man as an actor & a person.

And we never change our opinion!

Besides his gorgeous look, no one can deny he is one of the greatest actor in this century!

Do I overstatement about him?

Other actors' fans may disagree with me but to be honest,
The fact is the fact!^^ 
Beside he is extraordinary handsome,
 Park Si Hoo can act very well and in different genres too.

He can be an action hero

Not many actors in this planet can do all. 
Some good at one or two things
 but none can fit all & very well too!

He can dance!
(Don't have to mention he can sing very well too)

So for me & for us " Baek Si Yoon " is our " Best New Year gift " in 2016

He can cry until we feel his pain!

Without Park Si Hoo, we are lost in 2016
but because of him
We know what we're looking forward to....!

And no doubt he can play in romance scene very well!^^

Happy New Year, everyone!^^

Let's go Tango with Park Si Hoo in 2016!

From us....SonofBuyeo

See you again on Monday Jan 4, 2016!


  1. WOW Köszönöm drága Sihoo, hogy az Új esztendőt is Veled tölthetjük...Nagyon várjuk a visszaérkezésedet minden területen.
    Boldog Új Évet Itt is! Kata58

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Kata58!^^