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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Four Men in Local Hero : Comparison the charm of the characters!

Post by OCN, thank you!

This post focus on the 4 main actors in the drama!

And please remember, this is about the characters not the actors, themselves!

Only it's bothering us a little bit that they posted Lee Soo Hyuk first in their post. 
But over here, Park Si Hoo always number # 1!^^

Beak Si Yoon

하지만 모든 일의 끝은 진우 복수로 향한다는 사실!
시윤은 계획대로 복수를 시행할까요
아니면 동네의 그림자로 남을까요?

The end of all things is the fact that he wanted to get revenge for Jin Woo 
Should Si Yoon is implemented as planned to revenge
Or he would remain to be in the shadow of this neighborhood?

About the stars :

Translated by Mei Park, thank you!

The 1st one is ::  외모지수 (Appearance points )
He got 4 stars
 :: Strong shoulders. Coz he's cool. ( In Red )

The 2nd one is :: 신체능력(Physical ability)
He got 5 stars
Is he an agent? ( in Red)

The 3rd one is ::영웅지수 ( Hero points)
He got 5 stars
I'm the right shadow. ( In Red )

( Means Chan Kyu is not the "shadow" whom Yuri thought )

Im Tae Ho

Choi Chan Gyu

Chan Gyu got 5 stars from being the fastest runner!^^

Yoon Tae Young

Three against One!

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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