Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, December 11, 2015

Season greeting to Park Si Hoo ?

It's Friday, December 11, 2015

Sihoorang & Hoo factory had given you 
An opportunity to do something special for Park Si Hoo, thank you!


I'm talking about the address of Hoo factory 
if you would like to send something to Park Si Hoo on this Holiday Seasons!

Hoo factory's address!

Present or card ?

It's up to you, you know how you want to do ?

Park Si Hoo isn't a billionnaire ( yet^^ ) 
but I strongly believe he's in good position to buy any basic things he needs by himself.

So buying something expensive is unneccesary!

He will appreciate if fans won't spend too much money to buy gifts for him.

Just a card can do also!

How about you ? I can't make card myself either.

But do not give up if you still want to do it!

~ Not creative ? 
Just buy one!

~ Can't write in Korean? 
Just write in English with simple words you can!


If Park Si Hoo picks your card to read on one of that cold night, 
he won't have anyone around to help him!

You can find the way to write in English or Korean with some help in your area, right?

Always think this way, He will read your card alone. 
If you want to write a lot then write in Korean 
If you want to write in English so make it short & simple!

Always write your countries along with your name!

( Sample : Nikki, USA! )

He wants to know the story about his fans too ?

Where you come from? 
What are you doing? 
How you know about him ?
Which one of his dramas is you favorite? 
Why ?
And so on...

Park Si Hoo never throw away his fans' gifts ; Big or Small!

They are his treasures! So it's still time to do it for yourself and for him!

This love card can't expect anything in return but love is love, 
You know the way he shows us how he loves us, right?

Yes...through his works!

And they're coming soon!

Hurry up & have fun, everybody!^^

Picture credit : Names in the cards, thank you!

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