Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 3, 2015

News : Viewers will watch OCN drama " local Hero " and others with a new technology calls " UHD "

This news not directly to drama " Local Hero " but it's about OCN with a new technology 
to bring better quality for the viewers and they mentioned drama " Local Hero " 
will definately use this high technology calls " UHD or Ultra High Definition " 

So we can expect even more fun to watch this drama with the UHD quality too

How excited!^^


'Respond 1988', second meets the high definition image quality UHD
Sports World Source  Articles sent 2015-12-02 09:59

Drama " Respond 1988

[Sports World = yungibaek News] 'Make 1988 response' to 'longevity beat' various dramas, 
movies and popular video content in high definition 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)
 quality to meet. UHD content specialty channels UXN (Ultra Extraordinary Network)
 This will showcase the drama, movie, rich UHD content.

First, heartwarming family, neighbors and friends to renew the highest rating every story 
and comic gajokgeuk laying the topic 'Respond 1988' may every Thursday 4K UHD 
(Ultra High Definition) is to broadcast quality. 

( The part when they mentioned about Local Hero )

Also expected to gather more lively action unfold in the first half of 2016 Park Sihoo 
scheduled broadcasting, Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk OCN 16-part drama starring 
the hero of the neighborhood 'will also be simulcast on the UXN to UHD channels.

Built a rich movie content is also determined to organize. UXN channel Korea Radio Promotion Association sponsored to movies and dramas, such as conversion of existing productions produced in HD by UHD '2015 Year of UHD content re-mastering support production, won the business announcements, it will showcase a total of five films in sequence. Coming 25 days 23:00 Jang, start the "crying man" of Kim Min-hee starred in until May 2016 'Scarlet Innocence', 'Love Today', 'ssesibong', 'longevity beat' is planned to be organized in order.

UXN officials are expected to watch the channel more vivid and real in the master bedroom 
the popular drama, the latest movies and a variety of content through "UXN channels. As well as
 the future continue to hope much interest are you going to showcase the popular UHD 
content to quality, "he added.

Meanwhile, June 1, 2015 UHD content UXN a specialty channels launched in CJ E & M 
is providing a differentiated fun for 24 hours UHD content only configuration, 
ultra-high definition video. UXN can be viewed on Skylife channel 33 times, 
203 times, Ole TV channels.

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