Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 24, 2015

MV : Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

To Our Dearest Actor...Park Si Hoo

So glad we had another moment to celebrate together again

The beginning year we're so excited about the movie " After Love " 
followed with so many activities you had done as your works & with your fans.
Before this year will end with the continuing process of drama " Local Hero "

We would like to tell you....

How happy to see you day after day!

Acting is your passion and your life!

And this family of you are so grateful to witness this part of your life...

No matter how many years will come....

You will always be in our hearts!

You will be only star we will look up proudly!

 Keep going, Keep working, and do whatever you love to do.

We will always be behind you as family supposes to do.

MV : We love you

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 

Park Si Hoo

You are our joy and life

You are our love & inspiration

Be Happy and Be Healthy 

Alway Keep Smiling

We Love You

From Your Oversea Fans

Pictured in MV edited by CSI

Words by nikki

Music Video created by Lookmoo

Thank you for watching^^


  1. Merry Christmas Park Si Hoo and Be happy forever !
    Thank you Nikki, Lookmoo ,CSI !

    1. Thanks, 78 Led! Sorry for late reply! Have a Happy New Year, dear! See you soon!^^

    2. We are celebrating together 23 January 2016! Happy New Year to all !!! Thank you a lot of your work Nikki !

  2. Wish Merry Christmas and joyful holiday season to Nikki & friends. May the New Year bring you joy, blessings, and good health.
    The same for Park Si Hoo, moreover may he accomplish in SK, the success and recognition that he deserves.

    Thanks ladies for this beautiful post.

    1. Thanks, Daniela! Hope you have a warmth & wonderful Christmas this year. It's cold out here but nice to have a special time with my family without clicking , typing and thinking about the blog for a while. Wait! What I am doing, then?! Hahaha! Just come to check around before taking off!^^ But want to thank all of you for your wishes here. And God bless you , your mother, and everyone in your family, Daniela! And have a Happy New Year! Love from USA!^^