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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Local Hero VDO : First published drama " Local Hero " Script reading event : Episode 1 on 160123

Coming soon!

Updated Translated by Mei Park, thank you!

LocalHero 최초 공개! 
화기애애 동네의 영웅 대본리딩 현장 160123 EP.1

Local Hero first publicity! 
Local hero script reading atmosphere full of warmth. 160123 EP.1

2016 OCN 동네버스터 동네의 영웅
출연:박시후, 조성하, 이수혁, 유리, 정만식, 윤태영 등
방송: 2016.01 coming soon
2016 OCN Local buster Local Hero
Starring: Park Si Hoo, Jo Sung Ha, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yuri, 
Jung Man Sik, Yoon Tae Young & others.
Broadcasting: 2016.01 coming soon

내 옆에 누군가가 ′진짜′ 영웅이라면?
′정의로운 세상을 위해′ 살아가는 그들의 생활밀착형 동네 첩보전 동네의 영웅
If someone next to me is a 'real' hero?
Just live their lives as "justice for the world" 
community-based type of neighborhood spy as local hero.

공식 인스타그램:@ocn_localhero
공식 블로그:
The official Instagram : ocn_localhero 

Official blog:

Credit : ocn, Thank you!
credit : dc parksihoogallery, thank you!


  1. Hello Nikki & Look Moo , thank you for sharing this good news. Look forward to watching PSH's new drama Local Hero and new movie After Love !
    Local Hero is shown only in Korea in Jan 2016 ? Can overseas fans subscribe to OCN channel to watch Local Hero kdrama on line ?
    Also After Love movie , can watch movie on line too ?
    Hopefully it has English subtitles !

    1. Wait a minute! So many questions here!^^

      Let me go one at a time :

      1. Local Hero : So far I know it will be on OCN cable , I saw OCN promoted their other dramas a lot at Weibo ( Chinese website) Still not clear besides Korea, other countries can watch live at the same time with Koreans. When it comes closer the information about this will be clearer, I guess! For oversea fans like us. If we're unfortunate to watch live it may take us a day or two to get to see this drama. I & my friends still figuring out how we can watch live! That's what we want right!^^ You know we're happy to share all information we have with PSH's fans as soon as we have, only if we don't!^^

      2. After Love : What I understand, all 3 major countries will get a chance to watch it at the same time, I'm not 100% about Japan but I'm positive about China. For English sub. I think it may come from Chinese one likes we saw in " Scent " Only I hope the translation will be better than " Scent "!

  2. Hello Nikki , Many thanks for your reply. So sorry to trouble you with so many questions ! Yes, tt would be nice if all overseas fans can watch Local Hero and After Love when the drama/movie premiere in Jan/Feb 2016 . If not then , besides broadcasting Local Hero drama and After Love movie in cinemas and tv stations, perhaps they can list Local Hero drama and After Love movie in Google Playstore so that fans from all over the world can subscribe in Google Playstore and watch Local Hero drama and After Love movie anywhere anytime ! If not , hope they come up with DVD fast ! And ..... with good English subtitles please !
    Also, not forgetting, many thanks to Mei Park for translating this good news .

    1. You know I'm just joking, right!^^ To be honest I don't even know about " Google Playstore " Why won't you suggest them directly! OCN has FB and Ins. I saw they show some drama's on youtube too! But have no ideaI how fast they put it on youtube after broadcast time's over.

      I have great friends & Park Si Hoo has great fans who help each other as much as they can like Lookmoo & Mei and others who're too shy and want to be just anonymous fans!^^. I love them & appreciate them a lot! I will pass your compliment to both of them, thank you!