Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, December 14, 2015

LH VDO # 3 : Local Hero's first shooting day of the long awaited hero of the neighborhood! 160123 EP.1

By OCN, thank you

Published on Dec 14, 2015

내 옆에 누군가가 ′진짜′ 영웅이라면? 
′정의로운 세상을 위해′ 살아가는 그들의 생활밀착형 동네 첩보전 
<동네의 영웅> 
2016 OCN 동네버스터 <동네의 영웅> 
출연:박시후, 조성하, 이수혁, 유리, 정만식, 윤태영 등 
방송: 2016.01.23 (토) 밤 11시 첫방송
공식 인스타그램:@ocn_localhero

Published on Dec 14, 2015

If someone next to me is 'real' hero?
To live their lives in close contact 'for world justice 
"type neighborhood cheopbojeon <local hero>

2016 OCN neighborhood Buster <local hero>
Starring: Park Sihoo, Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk, Yuri, Jung Man-sik, 
Yoon Tae-young, etc.

Broadcasting: 2016.01.23 (to) 23:00 first broadcast

The official Instagram:ocn_localhero

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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