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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Consumer report : Park Si Hoo's " Gold Diamond hydro-Gel Eye Patch " 4.8 out of 5

We give you a brief interpretation here :

This news reported from " Korea Consumer Review"
By Electronic Newspaper on 2015-12-11 

They talked about the skincare product from Miskin called 

" Gold Diamond hydro-Gel Eye Patch "

" Park Si Hoo & Gold Diamond "

And other popular items from this brand are very popular in China market also.
And it became a leading brand among others. All of them has Park Si Hoo as their presenter.

They conducted a review from the participants (In Korea) to try on and sent their feedback upon ; affordable, sanitary containers, adhesion, ease-of-use benefits, etc. And the product received 4.8 point from 5. That considered very high!

Below you will see all the bloggers who gave their reviews about the products on their blogs.

So if you have a chance to visit Korea or find these products in your area, 
don't forget to buy them and give us your report too, thank you!^^

~ Full article : Translated by Google ~

Diverse and the popularity of the product has been tailored to 
 needs of consumers continue to refine

One of its main character is a child patch immediately. Domestic and piggyback popularity 
of deunggeukhan mask pack with K- filial beauty product representative gets the sensational popularity in the Chinese market and the child patch will emerge as a new leader.

Actor Park Sihoo the "gold diamond hydrogel patch kids' skins into the US exclusive model 
is environmentally friendly water-soluble gel (Gel) to the product patch containing natural plant extract essence. This product has already been recognized for exceptional product quality 
has gained great popularity in the Chinese market.

Bloggers on the bench-gold diamond hydrogel patch kid skin over the course of the US dot-com consumers of Korea had conducted a review from October 6th to Nov 25. Bloggers participated in 
the bench-they gave the affordable and sanitary containers, adhesion, ease-of-use benefits, etc. Among said out of 5 4.8 out of high scores.

Photo source: Course of the dot-com Korea Consumer Reviews

Bloggers' nalreum this "is" at an affordable price for 60 dogs and got satisfactory "and"
 Leave in the refrigerator seems to be even better if you use cool, "he evaluated.

'Edge ssosso "" The adhesion was this high forehead and mouth, using the neck seems
 to be even better, "he was before' ppanna" too "high adhesion gel called," he said.

Photo source: Course of the dot-com Korea Consumer Reviews

Bloggers' almi "is" good variety of application can be used to "" Over time, because 
after the hydrogel absorbed by the skin Eye patches are attached gotta feel it more 
and more thinning, "he said.

Another blogger, Lara Charlotte, confirmed that "after using felt that dark circles are 
a little calm," said Hei was then pasted over time bloggers' Lovely on "the" children patch patches are increasingly thinning. Also using the product, and then felt the eyes 
become soft, ring me, "he said.

Photo source: Course of the dot-com Korea Consumer Reviews

Bloggers also led praise for the courage considering the convenience of the consumer. 
Bloggers' Liz Irvine "to" satisfactory point is the built-in Chula spare. Am cool 
and feel satisfied stick grip on the face, "said Hei was 'almi' is," he said 
when you open the lid's middle packaged 
is once more the essence was leaking during shipment. "

On the other hand there was also a safe bloggers to review your own. Bloggers' 
not Mrs. "is" strange, except that the melt was written by a child in a patch of 
warm water can be recycled to the essence, " he left to review.

Eco-friendly water-soluble gel patch, gold diamond hydrogel patch kid "

Photo source: Course of the dot-com Korea Consumer Reviews

The Korea Consumer course com review team is feeling a convenient and high adhesion 
factors Gold Diamond hydrogel patch of US children skin could get a high score to pumpyeongdan blogger, it cited an adequate water supply and so on.

In addition to algae, including gold powder and diamond powder, aloe, green tea extract 
galjois expected to receive such a gel containing natural plant extracts Essence (Gel) 
a great response to the problem of bloggers type. In addition to wrinkles and 
dark circles around the eyes to improve, maintain skin elasticity, such as cooling effect 
was analyzed to satisfy the needs of bloggers using this product.

Reported by Son Hyun-joo journalist course of the dot-com Korea

Credit : Korea Consumer Review, thank you!

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