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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, December 7, 2015

After Love shooting location : Gongneung-dong Gyeongchun Line trails 1.9 km

Found this news at NATE!

Looked through it and passed it until it moved to the second page.

Decided to check it out & Voila!^^

The article's title about tourist attractions in Korea 

" [비바100] 공릉동 경춘선 숲길, 쉼없이 스쳐갔던 창밖 풍경 쉬엄쉬엄 찾아나서다 "
[Viva 100] Gongneung-dong Gyeongchun Line trails, cross-stitch 
that went out the window scenery swim find swim jump off without a pause

Link to their website :

It posted on 2015-12-02 by Economic Bridge News, thank you!

This place calls 

" Gongneung-dong Gyeongchun Line trails 1.9 km "

공릉동 경춘선 숲길 1.9km

The article gave readers information about this place before it mentioned about the cafe 
that located by the railway and that's when they mentioned about Park Si Hoo & his movie 
" After Love "

Updated information from our friend, thank you!

This news says "Street cafe" is known as shooting place of Movie " After love "
" Street cafe " is a name of the cafe

This area is in northern part of Seoul.

* This is the section about Park Si Hoo in this article *

◇ coffee, tea, juice, tea house next to the railway sake ...

Articles related photos

Merits a second near railroad crossings, when you start walking at the intersection Military Academy to meet in the near edge 'Gongneung-dong goblin market, small shops ohmiljomil gathered across the street. (Photo: heomiseon reporter)

Line 6 Hwarangdae good start reverse side, straight to intersection Military Academy at Exit 4 or 7 to hold the merits Gongneung Station Line 2, Exit 2 railroad crossings located at the starting point.

Even watching a man sitting on a bench next to the railroad and the scenery provided, 
it is still sparse body may be warmed in a small Japanese-style pubs and coffee shops located.

This small shop they merit a second railroad crossing near, I start walking at the intersection
to meet Military Academy at nearly edge 'Gongneung-dong goblin market "ohmiljomil
gathered across the street.  Among those starring Yoon Eun Hye, Park Si Hoo movie 
"After Love" Location, also known as' Street Cafe' also.

Other photos from the article


It's long article...we show you just pictures, 
please check the full information about this place by the link above 
if you're interested, thank you!

Credit :, thank you!

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