Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Visited The Princess' Man location ...Part # 3 ( The end )

Let's finish the tour together!^^





~ The End ~

I decided to add some part of kei88's article at the end of this journey but only in English version.
It's quite long but worth to read once even with google translation, you still feel her excitement
in here, very happy with her and so glad she shared it with us

Link to the orginal article  :

Encounter The Princess' Man location
By kei88, thank you!

Fairy Gangwon Province participated in package tours
I wanted to go once a Seorak is difficult to chose public transportation, 
tour packagesPyeongchang is who's calling the Xihu WEIBO than twice 
what fell off into the course itneunge

Given the Sinheungsa lantern at the foot of Mt. Seorak seungyu was too want to meet
The next day seongyojang caliber of Gangneung friends here, "group" is coming 
because you wanted Location
This was not much interested in that, "" SiO "

Came down from the bus, the guide explained, "Here is the king? Man?" 
I heard, "The Princess' Man?"
"Yes," listen inside look at the pond 
No doubt, "the Princess's Man" is the Location! 
It's unexpectedly encounter ! ! !

Gyeonghye place was taken by Princess FOREVER sister
Gugyeong crazy hours and 40 minutes to 80 sheets of photo 
I took had such a good gift to you this Tour
Tour was the greatest joy to raise a photo of Si Hoo

When you begin to see the drama here is trying to determine 
which ones became the shooting scene

Credit :, thank you!

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