Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, November 13, 2015

Photo Shooting at Myeongdong : 2015.11.10 Li Ai

Source by Mei Park, thank you!

Li Ai is the well-known Chinese model & a fashion show host in China
She wrote that PSH & her will be on her program which will broadcast on China's TV
 just before Christmas & ask fans to tune in to find out where PSH & her went to
 around Myeongdong. More photos & updates from her soon!

Her program is "亲艾的衣橱"...translated as "Dearest Wardrobe"

Link to her weibo :

She described herself as...

李艾 : Ai 

Well-known models, show host

And this is what she said in the post with two pictures of her & Park Si Hoo below

By 李艾: Ai, thank you!

因为有太多朴施厚的粉丝来问,偶巴参加的是哪个节目,这里统一回复下,是@优酷时尚频道 的#亲艾的衣橱# !这期节目会在圣诞节前播出。快播前会再通知大家。当然更多花絮照片和预告片整理好了就会发。想知道我们一起去了哪?敬请留意啰!

@Park Si Hoo, because there are too many fans asking, even Park to participate in the program which, here, under a unified response, is fashion channel @ Youku # pro Ai wardrobe! This episode will be aired before Christmas. We will then notify the former Nora. Of course, more scenes photos and trailers collated will be issued. Want to know us more? 
Please note that Hello!

credit :, thank you!

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