Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, November 23, 2015

OCN Official Ins : ocn_localhero

After the shooting ended, finally OCN started their first step promoting their drama 
by creating their drama's account at Instagram. So far they just posted 2 official pictures 
from script reading day with their watermark in it as " OCN "
Stay tune it must be more to come!

Link to their instagram :

* Look like " local Hero " will be their English official name for this drama ?


Local hero

1st photo

 <동네의 영웅> #이수혁 #박시후 #조성하

<local hero> #Lee Soo-hyuk  # Jo Sung-ha #Park Sihoo

2nd photo

<동네의 영웅> #꿀잼 #허니잼 대본리딩 현장!
#박시후 #이수혁 #조성하 #유리 

<local hero> # # Honey Jam scenario reading site!
#Lee Soo-hyuk #Park Sihoo # Jo Sung-ha #Yuri

Credit :, thank you!


  1. The shooting of NH ended ended? Really? It lasted less than for a movie. When I read previously, I thought it’s about filming for that night only. I cannot wait to see Park Si Hoo in a drama again, I’m very curious about the plot, I cannot believe how close we are to the finish line, wow!

    1. To be honest with you, Daniela! I am not quite sure about it or it's just that long night shooting! Just the way Mr. Lee Soo Hyuk informed his fans with a short word " The Filming ended " I read from the news before that the shooting supposed to continue until February 2016. Who know he might meant just that night or a long break because the holidays coming and Yuri is having concert in Seoul, right now! The three main actors are very busy with their schedule, Park SI Hoo himself can be busy with something as well! We will find out when that time comes, for me I even wish they will extend the episodes for us! 16 isn't enough at least 24!^^

    2. Yes, it was written on Suwon banner that's why I wondered so.

      I only hope there is enough time for this story to be told and ended properly.
      A rushed or/and unsatisfying ending is “the death of passion” for a 16-episodes drama. Always leaves a bitter taste and frustration feeling for audience even if the story was beautifuly developed and the acting brilliant.
      I wish LH will be an exception, crossed fingers ^^ .