Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NH Shooting : Old colleague of Park Si Hoo & Neighborhood Bar

This picture has been circling around on the internet.

And everyone seems to have the same question...Who is she ?

Source & pictures by Mei & Mikida, thank you!

Her name is Min Young Won
민영원 (YoungWon Min)

You can follow her on Facebook :

She used to acted with Park Si Hoo 
In drama " Prosecutor Princess " before, as Ma Hye Ri's friend.

So this is a kind of little reunion for both of them

On her Facebook she said ....

#‎동네의영웅 #‎시작 #‎즐겁게 일하기 
존경하는 #‎곽정환 감독님 
늘 착한 #‎박시후 오빠 
나의 든든한 보호자 #‎용욱 팀장님 *^^*
나 #‎민영원 #‎조효경 내 이름 고민고민

# The hero of the neighborhood began to enjoy respect 
# Kwak Jung-hwan goggles always cool 
# Park Si-Hoo brother my encouraging parental # ^^ * or 
* # Ed-uk for privately held won Hyo Kyung Cho worried worry my name 

We love this picture very much even Park Si Hoo just in the far back, 
showing off just his little face to us.

So Cute

And because of this picture, we had learned something too…

This sign ... 이웃 means...Neighborhood 

So... Bar 이웃 = Neighborhood Bar

Yes! This is spy Beak's bar!

Would you like to have some drinks & chat with the owner for a while!

Rumor said he's very handsome!^^

Credit : Min Young Won, thank you!

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