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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Neighborhood Hero new cast : A Child actor, Daniel

By merry_junghoo, thank you!

Link :최정후/

설레는시작! 💓
(Daniel)최정후,정후kun ㅊㅈㅎ THANK U! 감사합니다!
(Daniel) choejeonghoo, jeonghoo kun ㅊㅈㅎ THANK U! Thank you!

From his description : His English name must be " Daniel " 
& his Korean name is Choe Jeong Hoo!
Yes, his name has Hoo too!^^

Checking his IG, we found out he's quite a wellknown himself, 
with a lot of experience in acting career!
And he worked with many wellknown actors before

Look like Park Si Hoo will have a tough competition 
if they happpen to have a crying scene together!^^

Fighting, Both Hoo & Hoo!^^

Two photos that related to drama " Neighborhood's Hero " from little Hoo's IG

1. script


 exciting start! 
# Neighborhood hero #OCN
# Scenario shot

2. In the car in another child actor



good job! 

# # Two kids truly well done
Local hero # # # Min Joon sehyeon
# # Choejeonghu songjunhui

Credit :, thank you!


  1. once I saw him in the scene I stopped the episode, and I was like omg how cute and handsome in such young age, he'll grow up to be a well known actor..but why isn't he know in the internet, only your page gave information about him..

    1. Hi I just like kids and he's really cute! And I'm not disappointed to see him act with Park Si Hoo! They are so cute together!