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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Drama Neighborhood's Hero re-schedules their broadcast earlier to be Jan 9, 2016?

From parksihoobar, thank you!

The new schedule will be....

 2016 Jan 9 - Feb 27

以下是来自@fabrique的新浪微博发布的ocn2016年 上半年两部剧集《邻家英雄》
和《吸血鬼侦探》的播出日期图片 기타 국내 드라마 갤러리

News from ocn Sina official blog posted it --- the October 2015-September 2016 Korean tables. 
OCN Programming: 2016.1.9-2.27 / # neighborhood hero # / 16 episodes / week at 23:00 on Saturday, The following is fromfabrique Sina microblogging released ocn2016年上半年两部剧集 "neighborhood hero" and "vampire detective" Broadcast date picture 기타 국내 드라마 갤러리


Fans are you ready or not, look forward to January 9 premiere hero next door, good fun Oh. 
The landlord saw news to share with everyone the first time, wait neighborhood hero countdown

Source by Mei, thank you!

The original

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  1. Hello everyone! I just found this information from Baidu that linked to the page I showed you here! Later after discussed with our friends who had carefully checked this blog who posted the schedule on Korean website, thank you! Our friend said it runs by private blogger who sometimes can be useful source or sometimes not!^^ So many bloggers in Korea created something like this one with all the details based on whatever sources they found. I decided to keep this information here but because it's not official confirmation from OCN or some companies who involved in this project. We will have to wait & see it's just a rumor or true!^^ Hard to believe someone will created such a details but Korean knows Koreans! And now we knew too!^^