Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, October 29, 2015

When this teaser was teased!^^

By 依然爱你的微笑, thank you!

This translation came as my morning surprise to me
 after I complimented our friend who created it but told her I couldn't understand the words
And here comes the translation just waiting for me in the morning
This is the kind of fanship we have from fans became friends!^^

The translation's not perfect but still readable!

1.There are too many bags,Your princess spoil(宠爱)  you too much。

2. I arrived safely,A beautiful face, you are , I'm not kidding。

3. Oh,what is this?Watching, oppa get into the car quietly,
Your chest muscle, wipe your saliva.

4. Can't hold it, need help from his brother.
Or I have to take care of myself. Don't let me see you at home. Hum…… 

5. There is no lollipop. Good want to eat strawberry flavor.

6. Eat well, have a good rest! Don't stay up late before filming. 
Remember all of these.
And please visit Weibo,they don't know

7. I love you,goodbye.
I want to go to weibo account. The amount of information is much more 

Credit :, thanks!

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