Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OCN tweet & Weibo accounts to follow the update news about drama NH

In case you're interested to check out by yourself!

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From Twitter :

1. OCN Original 

This one will update you about dramas that's on air or will be soon.

Right now they focus on one particular drama, 
we hope it will be our turn when " Neighborhood's Hero " on air!^^

2. OCN  No.1_OCN

This one will tell you about the schedule or timetable of their broadcast


From Weibo

1.  ocn贴吧官博 (OCN official blog) 

They just posted picture from the banner that tell us 
about NH's broadcast time as we knew!

#百度ocn吧# [20151026] #邻家英雄# 目前在拍摄5-6集。
总拍摄时间:2015年10月~ 2016年2月末,放送时间:

# Baidu ocn it # [20151026] # # hero next door is currently shooting 5-6 sets. 
Total recording time: in October 2015 - the end of February 2016, 
running time: the evening of 23 January 2016 11:00, Saturday 
delivery. Episode: 16 sets. 


2.  韩剧吧官博 ( Korean official blog )

This site reports all dramas and they just posted about NH too

They said :

该剧 由#朴施厚#-#李洙赫#-#yuri#-#赵成夏#等主演,OCN土曜剧

[OCN drama # neighborhood hero # premiere date and shooting stills related to] 
play by # Park Si Hoo # Lee-Soo Hyuk # yuri # Jo Sung-ha # and other stars, 
OCN soil Yao drama (every Saturday update a set) a total of 16 episodes; 
Recording time: in October 2015 - the end of February 2016; 
premiere: January 23, 2016 10:00 pm GMT. 


Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thanks!

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