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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, October 22, 2015

NH Shooting in Macau : 2015.10.21 : Yuri's IG , her news , and more...

Uploaded by Yuri : yulyulk

두근두근. #동네의영웅#OCN
palpitations. # Neighborhood hero #OCN

And there is a news reported about her IG too

Yuri, "Neighborhood's Hero's expectations : Transcript public 
Star News Source Articles sent 2015-10-21 17:27

[Star News imjuhyeon News]

/ Photo: Star News, Yuri's Instagram

Girl group SNSD (Taeyeon Sunny Tiffany Yoona Hyoyeon Seohyun swimming glass) 
Yuri unveiled a "Neighborhood's Hero 'scenario.

Yuri on Oct 21 in the afternoon on her Instagram 
"Exciting.. Neighborhood's Hero of OCN" had posted one picture with that article.

Published Photos The cable channel OCN drama "Neighborhood's Hero" scenario is contained. In addition to " Neighborhood's Hero ", besides Yuri,  actor Park Si Hoo, 
Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk, etc. also appear.

It contact with netizens, "I'm expected to see "Neighborhood's Hero '"," smoke what about Yuri ", was the reaction of such" Hurry, I want to see the drama. "

The cable channel OCN drama story, Neighborhood's Hero  is the former black workers living 
in close contact with an irregular-shaped spy drama met a young man dreaming of a police 
and train him as a secret agent fighting against the growing evil. 

January 2016 is scheduled to be broadcast.

Imjuhyeon reporters
Credit :, thank you!


Later, Yuri's fans had reposted her script photos so many times
until I decided to create a post for Park Si Hoo.

My IG name has temperary changed 
to be " parksihoo_beaksiyoon " to support his drama

And with this post, 
if you search for drama " Neighborhood's Hero " in Korean 
 that's what you would see last night!^^

So, If you get a chance to go to instagram, please repost any post that
Park Si Hoo's fans created and type his name or drama's name with " # " 
in the front to help promoting our actor.

~ Thank you ~

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