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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, October 30, 2015

Memorable trip in Macau .... The original...Part # 1

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By 守厚星_秋秋 (Hoo Hoo's defensive star _ Qiuqiu ), thank you!

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In October, I left a lot of good memories...

In October festival belongs to thick powder, the happy times we spent pleasant. . .October this year due to thick brother (so called parents who do not want to be knocked head Oh, because every time 
I see him all the time calling him 오빠) and leave a lot of pleasant memories, I hope this can be a better long-term Save. Because writing is bad writing only running account type articles, I hesitated 
a long time before deciding to posting. . .

Time had gone to South Korea has gone a year since last October in Fuyu encounter thick,
so that first came to Korea, I will not feel lonely. October this year, also because of the thick, 
let me spend a different and more meaningful October. . .

September 10.10 know Beijing activities not to attend after some hesitation, because this time 
away from my more recent examination time, really tangled for a long time. . . But thinking 
this is Si Hoo's public events in Korea and China have so much affinity to Korea to participate 
in activities should aid, ask yourself if you do not go to South Korea to participate should aid in, 
I was very upset. Finally decided to enroll after the students know that I was crazy, huh, huh. . . 
And later we learned that the event increased welfare: individual photo. This is an additional 
benefit greatly, I do not know whether the future will have such a good welfare activities ah. . .
Participate in daily network activity 2 days 1 night, it began to rain early in the morning on 
the 10th, 7:00 departure from the hostel went to Lotte Hotel eroded collection, although somewhat chilly rainy weather but my heart is warm. Lotte reach about 7:40, walked into the lobby to see 
a lot of parents who have been sitting there chatting, because a person did not know we had these people come together, such as family-like relationship is so happy. That day had gone, and now 
think was a bit do not know how to spend. . . But I believe parents who are very happy to be happy, alone is how rare photo opportunity, everyone has their own memories.

My classmates and I share the joy of the event and showed her photos of, she asked three times 
in a row: a group photo with everyone in it? I am very proud to tell her: Of course each person individually and photo friends, because he was Park Shi Hoo! Students hear very envious, said: 
It is difficult to have a star will do, Park Shi Hoo is also great, you too happy. Listening to 
evaluate the heart classmate Mei Mei. . . .

When we are immersed in Gimje happiness, the good news kept floated like snowflakes. . . 
October 16 to go to Macau brother thick filming TV drama, indescribably happy to see this message, because it is early in the morning to send flights to worry about Korean powder machine may not 
be a lot to think he must go, let He saw the powder will support him no matter where, but less than five minutes of effort flight time was changed to October 19 7:50 early in the morning, and saw 
this time my heart very anxious, since the beginning of the 19th early in the morning midterms . . . Students laughed and said: This can not go down, right? When she does not think anything 
will not stop me, huh, huh. . . Weekend not going anywhere good review homework 
Monday morning delivery machine must go.

Monday morning, get up at 4 o'clock, 4:50 departure from the hostel, this is the first time I came 
to Korea to go out so early, worry can not take the airport so early to go underground after a taxi straight to the airport, 5:26 arrival at the airport, found himself too early, thick brother is not 
so out of. . .

First to reach the airport lobby to the big screen queries thick brother flights check-in counter 
where, when I went there to see a lot of people pushing luggage waiting at the side, 
watching the staff determined that the baggage crew, I went to waiting outside, but did not see 
the sending machine Han powder it, and my heart a little anxious. . . About ten minutes after 
the powder to Korea, and finally there with, huh, huh. . .

We kept overlooking where around 6:20 familiar with the car appeared to see little brother 
and assistant to get off, but see little brother today's dress, the first reaction is that he did not accompany his brother to go to Macau today, see with assistants checked in one go, little brother
 in the car outside the station on the bus again after a long time, about 6:40 or so assistants 
formalities back, we men should finally showed up, huh, huh! I stood in front of the first to
 the last and thick brother handshake and a greeting, feeling better than Gimje meet Si Hoo's thin, super handsome ah, Oh!

Because today sending machine fan not a lot, I just walked in the right thickness brother, walked 
into the airport lobby and handed out lollipops when he turned his head and I nodded with a smile, 
at this moment an unexpected thing happened I did not notice the time Ce Zhaotou front pillars 
30 centimeters short of the distance necessary to hit the thick brother quickly reach out to my side, really worthy of agents ah. Always go backwards before reminding reporters attention not to hit 
the post, but today there is no reporter into me. . . Shuttle machine suddenly found himself 
out of some small episode always ah. . . Our agents will soon start another!

Examination gap seen in a lot of pick-up group Tutu, very happy. Then think of the airport 
Han powder sister and I say, hurry to tell the good news pro, I was in the group's original words 
were: I heard Gimje very successful, thick repercussions in South Korea is very large, 
Hoo factory very happy. . . I did not expect to see so happy, so that they can share 
the joy with everyone very happy.

The successful conclusion of the two-day mid-term exam, you can relax a little, huh, huh! 
Just after the end of the course back to the dormitory on Thursday made a decision to super crazy, because Friday is my birthday too want to own a special birthday, and decided Friday morning 
to Macau, do not know because no permit Thus the ratio of South Korea took only a passport 
whether direct between Macau, consulting some friends get back is not the same, but said 
no problem slightly higher, decided to fly on the 23rd Macau, where he will stay ready to take on 
the 27th morning flight back to Korea, he found a super super serious problem during 
my confirmation of: the Internet has been unable to book on the 23rd morning 7:55 Incheon 
direct flights to Macau, was unable to describe their feelings do not know how to do. . . 
Also at that time when I saw the stylist said Tuesday returned home, I quickly check flight information online again only three flights, more than twice one o'clock there is a group that 
I choose is so much of 9:00 flight, I confirm they will certainly take this flight, 
numerous computers, mobile phones, ipad at the same time the Internet is the display refresh 
without a ticket, even the return of Macau Incheon flights is not, really is very very anxious, 
suddenly go net brush return ticket, then what also refused to directly buy a return ticket, 
and finally relax a little. But the key question is how tomorrow morning to fly to Macau flights 
can not buy, that night on the Internet constantly refreshed, 3:00 still did not buy more tickets, 
I packed up 5:10 departure from the hostel, decided to go directly to the Hang opening the airport 
to see if you can directly counter Macau 7:55 buy tickets, and perhaps a little risky, but this is also going to try. I still use the phone on the subway constantly refresh to see if there are tickets, and perhaps he is lucky, at this moment in the way cattle network saw 7:55 Incheon direct flights to Macau, I immediately buy a ticket But on the subway jitters can not always pay can not use 
two bank cards, seeing a little bit of time in the past has been more than 6:30, 6:40 arrived 
at Incheon International Airport when my tickets have not paid successfully, I was walking on 
the elevator paid airline tickets, 6:42 waiting for the payment of the successful vote, I ran 
all the way to the luggage check-in counter for End to enter the security procedures, 
7:20 start boarding, I was 7:00 15 assigned Darden machine mouth, really scare ah! 
On the plane only to find I actually arranged in business class economy class seats, huh! 
All night I can finally take a break up. This is my first time to stay up late ah

10:35 arrived in Macau International Airport, hurry and sister have arrived in Macau to tell me
 how to contact the hotel, because my sister had to rush filming early afternoon, but they decided 
to wait for me at the hotel and then go, lucky me On the bus after driving for about ten minutes 
to arrive at the hotel, quickly leave your luggage at the hotel, we hit the car went straight to 
the destination. There for a while to see the crew in place, we finally sat there to rest at ease. 
I do not know how long the side of her sister suddenly said: thick come. I quickly stood up 
and turned around and saw thick brother just came, and he waved a greeting, and he smiled 
and waved to us, did not know he would not be surprised: Monday Korea still sending machine, 
how today went here. Haha!

Because that day was my birthday special hope he can give me to sign a name, that would be interesting. Because filming can not disturb him, we are also always looked far not close until 
the end of this a shot if to break the way, I saw thick brother and assistant went over again 
from our side, I quickly put a small piece of paper written in advance to him, huh! 
First assistant handed over when they were stopping, but I handed his hands again, 
then I looked at him and smiled while walking stopped and turned back and shook my hand, 
and I want him to give me holding a book Signature assistant stopped again, but because 
the thick brother already know today is my birthday so he took a pad and pen for me to sign, 
in the signature when he specifically looked at me just to have my piece of paper on top of 
his Korean name, he wrote the name as I give my signature, this is a very precious birthday gift. Really, really happy.

Costa Rica signed the thick side sister has given us time to take pictures, though, is that everyone pictured, so very happy, feel that they decided to come to Macao is correct but did not think the evening will be in the hotel lobby brother encountered thick line again who came thick brother 
and I shake hands and say: 생일 축하해 (Happy Birthday). I really did not expect additional benefits, huh, huh! I quickly pulled out his cellphone and asked if he could take pictures together, the assistant just slightly stopped a bit, ha ha! He smiled and stood there, and I begged him to take a picture, 
after we were simply "negotiations", ha ha! Thick brother agreed to a photo. . . This is really a big benefit, so I spent a memorable birthday. I do not think there is a second star will treat fans to him, because he makes us more like love him and support him. . .


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两天的期中考试顺利结束,可以稍稍放松一下,呵呵!就在周四的课程结束回到宿舍后做了个超级疯狂的决定,因为周五是我的生日想让自己过个特别的生日,于是决定周五一早飞澳门,由于没有港澳通行证不知道这样只拿着韩国的护照是否可以直接往返澳门,咨询了一些朋友得到的回复都不相同,不过说没问题的比例稍稍高一些,决定23日飞澳门在那里呆几天准备搭乘27日上午的航班飞回韩国,就在我确认的过程中发现一个超级超级严重的问题:网上已经无法预订23日一早7点55分仁川直飞澳门的机票,当时无法形容自己的心情不知道该怎么办。。。也是在那时无意中看到造型师说下周二回国,我赶快上网再次查询航班信息只有三趟航班,两趟凌晨一点多还有一班就是我选择的那般上午9点多的航班,我确认他们肯定会搭乘这班飞机 ,无数次的电脑、手机、ipad同时上网刷新就是显示无票,就连澳门返回仁川的机票也没有了,真的是万分万分的着急,突然在去哪网刷出返程机票,当时什么也顾不得直接买了返程机票,总算稍稍松口气。但关键的问题是明早飞澳门的机票怎样都买不到,那一夜就不停的上网刷新, 凌晨3点多依然没有买到机票,我收拾好行李5点10分从宿舍出发,决定直接到机场去澳门航口的柜台看看能不能直接买到7点55分的机票,也许这样有些冒险但也要去试试。我在地铁上还在用手机不停的刷新看看能否有机票,也许自己是幸运的,就在这时在途牛网看到有7点55分仁川直飞澳门的机票,我立刻买票可是在地铁上信号不稳定总是无法支付使用两张银行卡都不可以,眼看时间一点点过去已经6点30分多了,6点40分抵达仁川机场这时我的机票还没有支付成功,我是在电梯上边走边支付机票款,6点42分支付成功等待出票,我一路拖着行李奔向办理登记手续的柜台办理完手续进入安检,7点20分开始登机,我是7点15分到达登机口,真是有惊无险啊!上了飞机才发现我的经济舱座位竟然安排在商务舱,呵呵!一夜没睡的我终于可以好好休息一会了。这也是我第一次熬夜啊



在厚哥签名的时候身边姐姐有给我们拍照,虽然是是大家的合照,这样已经很开心了,觉得自己来澳门的决定是正确的更没想到晚上还会在酒店大堂再次遇到厚哥一行人,他们走过来厚哥和我握手并说了:생일 축하해(生日快乐)。这真是没有想到的额外福利,呵呵!我赶快拿出手机问他可不可以一起拍照,这次助理只是稍稍拦了一下,哈哈!他笑着站在那里,我就央求着他照一张,经过我俩的简单“谈判”,哈哈!厚哥同意合影了。。。这真是大大的福利,让我度过了一个难忘的生日。我相信不会有第二个明星会向他这样对待粉丝的,就因为这样的他让我们更加的爱他、支持他。。。

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