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Friday, October 30, 2015

Memorable trip in Macau ... Part # 2 ( The summery )

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This is a brief summery of the long article that written by Qiuqiu,
 a chinese fan who studying in Korea, in part # 1

I believe all of you still remember who is Qiu Qiu, right?

Yes, last October in 2014. After China Fan Meeting was cancelled.
Qiu Qiu decided to visit Buyeo for the first time
just hope she could drop some little note to cheer him up with his family.
But she never realized how lucky she was to run into Park Si Hoo.
She was the first person who met him at his Buyeo home
And got a ride back to the bus station with him and his friends!

It was a memorable story not just for her & for all of us as well!

And this time she just had done it again!

By following Park Si Hoo to Macau from Oct 23 - 27!

I will give you a brief summery of her adventure  ( from the full version in part # 1 )
In case you prefer a shorter version of her long & detailed story!

Thanks again, Qiu Qiu for your effort to support Park Si Hoo 
& Happy belated Birthday to you too!^^

" Summery of Qiuqiu's memorable trip in Macau "

First Qiuqiu had mentioned that she decided to attend Gimje Horizon Festival 
to show her support for Park Si Hoo because it's the event that set in his homeland!

She went to the festival with her classmate who kept asking her many times 
when they're having a photograph section with Park Si Hoo. Her friends asked her this would be 
a group photo with your star but Qiuqiu proudly said to her friend. Nope! It will be a one on one photo with Park Si Hoo and each fan will take photo with him alone. Then her friends couldn't believe it they said it is very difficult to get any star to do such a thing to his fans like this. 
Yes, because he is Park Si Hoo, a great Park Si Hoo!

Later she had sent him off to Macau at Incheon airport on Oct 17.

She arrived at Incheon around 4:00 am and had to wait until 6:20 am. when the familiar black 
vehicle just appeared and finally Park Si Hoo came out of the car. She and other fans walked 
follow him before she handed him a lollipop again and almost hit the pillar inside the building 
before an unexpecting moment happened when Park Si Hoo had reached his hand to stop her 
before she will hit the pillar.

Trip to Macau on Friday, October 23

After she finished her midterm session that when she decided to follow Park Si Hoo
 to Macau on Friday, October 23. Because it was her birthday and she wanted to give herself 
a special birthday gift that only a man who was in Macau that time can give it to her.

A lot of details & problems before she can get the tickets such as she decided to get a return ticket 
the exact same flight with Park Si Hoo on Oct 27 before she even bought a ticket to fly to Macau!^^

Finally she arrived at Macau and immediately after she reached to the hotel 
she had to rush to the shooting side with other fans who were waiting for her.

Then all of them followed him to the shooting location and watched him work 
from far way without interfering the crews.

As I mentioned before because it was Qiuqiu's birthday and she wanted to get his autograph 
as her very own birthday present. And she's smart,enough to make it's less confusing for him.
So she handed him a little note in Korean to let him know today is her birthday and asked him his autograph as her birthday present. And finally when she got it as you can see from the picture below.

At the end of shooting, all fans had line up to greet him and when he's passing her, 
he had also said " Happy Birthday " to her too! ( Lucky girl!^^)

In Qiuqiu's last paragraph, she said...

" I do not think there is a second star will treat fans like he does, 
because he makes us feel like we want to love him and support him even more. . . "

~ The End ~

Credit :, thank you!

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