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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 11, 2018

(English script) MGL : Ep. 36 : Coversation between Do Kyung & Jian at street food cart

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Because they have writers who fluent in Korean & English to translate some interesting part 
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Written & Translated by stroppyse, thank you!

(DK loads up the flowers in the van, then hands JA a little bouquet.)
DK: This is yours.
JA: What?
DK: It’s your pay for helping me with the presentation the other day. 
However, you should pay for breakfast. 
(walks off, leaving JA to stare at her flowers)
JA: It’s been a long time.

(Standing at a street food cart, eating.)
DK: Mmm. It’s delicious. (noticing JA’s laughter) Why?
JA: Because you’re eating so well. When you used to only watch before.
DK: When we went to the dye factory before?  
JA: So now you even eat street food?
DK: Since I’m not a chaebol now.
JA: Is it your intent to be humble?
DK: I always thought my tastes were selective and sensitive. 
And that the preparation hygiene was important. But, it turns out that’s not true. 
I was just making a fuss because I had money. Since I had no money and I’m hungry, 
convenience store lunchboxes are also delicious, triangle kimbaps are also delicious, 
and even these are delicious. (pointing to the fishcakes on a stick on the food cart). 
Even the food that is sold on this completely dusty city street.
JA: Hey, that’s not true!
DK: Why not?
JA: You just lacked experience. Convenience store lunchboxes, triangle kimbap, 
street food like this, you just didn’t get a chance to eat them.
DK: Is that right?
JA: Of course. It’s a problem even if you uselessly have too much money.

DK: However, Seo Ji An. You said you liked me. 
How were you able to hide your feelings so well? Teach me your secret. 
What do I have to do in order to be that unreadable?
JA: Hey, could I just tell you such secrets? That is know-how that I’ve accumulated 
while living for 28 years. As Choi Do Kyung-sshi is so busy right now 
becoming independent first that you don’t have time to think about love, 
might it not be something similar?
DK: You had said this to me before. That I was reassuring. 
That I was a reassuring person. However, I wonder these days whether 
that wasn’t the power of money.
JA: Why do you think such things?
DK: Because you keep making allowances for me. Rather than treating me coldly, 
you make allowances for me.
JA: I’m not making allowances for you. Since becoming independent was 
what Choi Do Kyung-sshi has chosen, living as you’ve chosen is the right thing to do. 
And, I’m living the way I’ve chosen to.
DK: Is that so?
JA: Yes! So, stop chattering and let’s go.
DK: No! I haven’t finished eating yet.
JA: Oh! Eat slowly. You’ll get a stomach ache that way. 
(opening a milk carton and giving it to him to drink)
DK: It’s good to not have money. You even take care of me.


So, a few notes:

1. I translated a phrase that DK says as "making a fuss because I had money" 
which is a near literal translation of what DK says, and it means that one is making 
a show of having money and being a bit of a Richard Simmons about things having 
to be just so, and is a derogatory term usually used to indicate people 
who had more money than sense or purpose.

2. A triangle kimbap is different than a regular kimbap in that a regular kimbap has 
a lot of different fillings in it, such as spinach, carrots, egg, fishcake, sweet pickled radish, etc., 
which are then rolled together, whereas a triangle kimbap is usually just rice 
with a little filling inside, then wrapped up in a sheet of laver (kelp) in a triangle shape. 
Since, it's mostly rice with a little sauce or filling in  a sheet of laver, it's cheap, 
but filling since it's rice. Do Kyung would definitely have eaten proper kimbap, 
especially as a child, however, he would not have eaten triangle kimbap.

3. When DK mentions that JA had called him a reassuring person, she meant someone 
who was steady, dependable, and would provide secure support and shelter if she needed it. 
And, JA had said back when they thought they were siblings that DK was the person 
that she felt she coudl turn to for help and guidance.

What I liked about this scene is that DK is showing how much self-awareness 
he has gained about himself, and the impact of having been born into money. 
His comment that he realized that he had just been messing around, because he had 
the wealth to do so, and not really having ultra-sensitive tastebuds or sensibilities 
was a simple statement, said matter-of-factly, but which I thought was meaningful in 
the progress of DK becoming a real human rather than a chaebol bot.

And, I loved the way that JA lept to DK's defense even to himself. That it wasn't necessarily 
that DK had been being fussy because he had the money to do so, but that he had just not had 
the opportunity to live like other people had lived. She softened the harsh criticism 
that DK had leveled at himself.

There is also a wistful quality to the way he's mentions wondering if he had been 
such a dependable stalwart before because he had the money to get things done, 
rather than because of him the actual person, because now, JA is clearly taking pity on him 
and helping him rather than the cold, standoffish demeanor that she had originally had 
when he came to the share house. He sees it as JA having pity on him, almost 
as if he can't believe that JA actually does like him, especially when she can hide 
her feelings so well despite liking him.

The scene is saved from a maudlin close because the new DK doesn't waste food,
 and wants to finish eating his meal before they head back. In an episode of cute interactions, 
despite wondering how they're actually going to get together because of DK's background, 
this scene was the one that stayed with me the most. :)

Cr., thank you!

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  1. There are many reasons why I am so loving this drama. First, of course, is my favourite PSH as the lead actor who is doing great as Choi Do Kyung and second, all the actors fill into their respective characters so beautifully with Shin Hye Sun having fantastic onscreen chemistry with PSH. Third, I enjoy the gems that i find in the conversations among the characters. MGL really shines brightly like gold as a drama.
    More to go for the ratings!!!!!����������