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Thursday, December 14, 2017

News : 41% vs 3% ... Drama ratings from ' One Drama to Another Drama'

Wow! Wow!

This news article is really give you a whole picture of K-drama situation nowaday.
Please don't miss to read the whole content.

After that you will realize why it's such a big news for them to learn that
 " My Golden Life " will be shown in Japan even before 
the drama finish broadcasting in S. Korea!^^

Unprecedented! Unprecedented!



41% vs 3% ... Drama ratings from ' One Drama to Another Drama'

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'My Golden Life' is only one high- profile drama

For weekdays Mini-series can't even get more than 10%, 

There was pointed out that " The drama level is downgrading "

So, there is no drama to import". 

The weekend soap opera has exceeded the audience rating of 40%, 
while the mini-series on weekdays is competing with
 the 'Key of Recovery' as less than 10%. 
There is a point out that the drama production had leveled down themselves 
by merely dispersing viewership is enough for them. 

KBS 2TV weekend 'My Golden Life' (pictured above) posted 41.2% of ratings 
(based on Nielsen Korea) on Dec 10. For the first time this year, 
it exceeded the 40% rating. Actor Park Si Hoo, who is in his first act (after 5 years), 
and Shin Hye Sun, who starred as the leading role for the first time, 
took the roles of male and female leads, 
and giving their solid performance and attracting power 
The addition of the strong acting of other supporting actors 
such as Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hyeo ok and the absorbing tales 
with fast development has drawn rating to a steep upward.

But in the other hand, weekdays mini-series, where stars are preferred, 
large-scale production, and the highest ad-selling price, 
are not even getting over 10% rating. 

On Dec 12, MBC's 'Jugglers' (8.0%), SBS 'Question of the Moon' (7.7%) 
and MBC 'Toowaks' (7.0%) are overtaken by just 1 percentage point. 
In addition, KBS2 'Kogyosha' (9.3%), SBS '' Soprano '' (8.2%) 
and MBC 'Not Robot' (3.1% · Down)

 The so-called 'big hit' drama, which is close to 10% of viewership, has also disappeared. 
This means that cables TV hasn't been catching up with the network TV yet. 

A representative of a medium-sized outsourcing production company 
said, "There is no high-profile drama even if the audience rating is subtracted." 
"It means that there is no work that goes up to 
the masses through the Internet bulletin board or SNS." 

There is also an analysis of labor suffering in the process of replacing
 the main actor generation.
Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo-hyun, Joo Won, and Ji Chang-wook 
who can give the enthusiastic to both domestic and international fans are all in the army, 

And the drama main actors such as ;Song Jung Gi, Park Bo Sword, 
 Kim Woo-Choi Daniel, Jeong Hyeong Sung, Yeon Woo Jin, 
Park Eun Bin, Chae Soo Bin, who are in charge of the miniseries nowadays, 
are dominant but they have not accumulated enough knowledge 
to move the Korean Wave market. 

There are dramas which hasn't given any new material yet
and they makes the domestic viewers turn away.

An official from China's leading entertainment company said, 
"I am looking for Korean drama that can be imported 
but there is no work that attractive enough.
I don't see actors' performances in who can be as Korean Wave, 
and the contents are not so attractive either. "

Credit : Anjinyong reporters, thank you! 

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