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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Korepo Magazine : The charmed! Look at 45 degree Angle of the face of handsome men

Why 45 degree? 

" Because the author thought it's the right angle to look at the beauty of the actors "

They posted six Korean actors' pictures in this article but we would like to post 
Only Park Si Hoo's pictures in here, hope you don't mind!^^  
We will use the same photo that were taken long time again, probably around 2009.
You can tell from his outfit!

This picture below is the one they used in this article

And again too much to do any editing, sorry!

~ Translated by Google ~

"Column"  : The charmed!
 Look in 45 degree Angle of flower handsome men


Even the most favorite star, and are too accustomed to the face as seen from the front, 
when viewed from an oblique angle of 45 degrees, there is a thing that I think "uh-oh, 
The image is completely different." If we're aware of the angle, there is a new discovery there. 
However, handsome face is we have decided to say even when viewed from any angle, 
but ....

To analyze handsome man's face from a various angles
In the past, prominent critics had been saying, "The man's face resume" has had.
Man serving thing, it senses that it must have been poured into the carrier of up to now in the face.

That said, young in the case of Korean stars, but not laden plenty of career life as
" men who resume on their face," says, There is only also is said to handsome face,
its brilliant appearance are glimpses also inner beauty. In fact, when we look at the Korean stars, remaining in the face is the best memory as seen from the front. When their faces come out big in
the magazine of the magazine on TV screen will often most was taken from the front.
However, because face as seen from the front, the modeling of the face of the person or not than
too much out straight. Indeed, although he never modeling of the face is better to it if it's enough
to be called a handsome face, is only one of a variety of angles also because squarely. Given the fact that the most beautiful and visible point of the people depending on the viewing angle is different,
is much fun better to analyze the face of handsome men from a various angles.

Point nose

Because when viewed from the side hidden half of the face, 
the precious handsome face is too good, or rather, I feel that something regrettable.
To say also, it will be and expose all that it from the front of the handsome face, 
sometimes referred to as embarrassing to reverse.
So, it's can be useful is 45 degrees diagonal as subtle angle.
Not even at the front, ... not a horizontal it is, something that diagonal 45-degree angle.
If you think to be a very three-dimensional things that face, that capture the face of
 the person at the moment the most delicate, is the angle is.
Of particular to the point is the nose. Its nose relatively plan as viewed from 
the front looks like nose is pointy viewed from the side.
However, when viewed from an angle of 45 degrees diagonally, in the middle of how 
the face is called the nose, it is understood that either become a point of important modeling.

Especially the people of the nose, which is said to pretty handsome face has become really
beautiful and artistic beauty. Also in the sense that that it can be seen really well, we want to
respect the angle of the angle of 45 degrees. That said, even to comment picked up one single
fixtures 1 of the face, not a good thing too much of goods. As a fan, so to amplify
the longing inflated image of the face of a favorite star in your own way, want to refrain from becoming an obstacle to the construction of the image.

It becomes more gentle look
Because image, aura that the star is exudes will affect decisive.
Soredakeni, want to expand the style of my own of seeing again the star by changing 
the possible angle. Do not have another, forget if you see a Korean star, they are, but the fact 
that Confucian ethics has been living in South Korea, which are deep-rooted penetration in society.

Such especially feel the impact of Confucianism in Korea, but when you realize 
that "Choyonojo" are prized still. After all, since the Korean stars are young,
more of a fan of reporters and cheer us to interview there is the case of the older large.
How much is Korean star is said to be popular, and I think more of myself is that 
it is younger than the other party, will always humble.
In addition, because Korean is honorific has not been defined very finely, 
everyone expression is gracefully when using such honorific.
It is also he dying fan but, looking at the humble them from an angle of 45 degrees, 
look is felt to be more gentle. In that sense, if you want to see the handsome face,
it is an oblique angle of 45 degrees it is recommended.

Sentence = "Rokore" editorial department
Column provides: Rokore

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