Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, October 14, 2017

MGL - Episode 13 : The truth & the pain, Jian got promotion, Do Kyung's marriage plan, Study abroad...and so on

Interesting points ::

(I gather from tonight news after the episode had ended )

1. Jian knew the secret and confronted her mother to confirm that.

2. Do Kyung promoted Jian to be in charge of the 40 annivesary project

3. Afriad of Myung Hee, Jian can't tell the truth yet.

4. Do Kyung offered lunch with Jian but she declined. 
Later he saw her eating inexpensive kimbap at the convenience store instead.

5. When Do Kyung & Jian talked in private at his office.
He told her his marraige plan was set up.
Jian surprised that he talked about it as if it's part of business.

6. So Do Kyung went to have lunch with his friend. 
His friend thinks he's having a girlfriend or something.
He said, " Please wait for a few month but it's not kind of romance his friend thought!"
(Will see, hahaha)

7. During her struggging & awkwardness toward Choi family.
Finally, Do Kyung told her to come home with him 
but ended up Myung Hee suggested Jian to go study in US as her dream.

The end..

One news had mentioned that...

8. Do Kyung is expected to be the first person 
who knows the truth about Jian.

(For some reason I can't copy the article,
Have to photoshop the paragraph to show you here.)



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