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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Capture Korean News reaction : My Golden Life after Episode 13 - 14

This week there were combination of news articles 
and comments from Korean bloggers that interesting to read!^^


Can't be any topic that hotter than ....
The speculation of the development in the future
 after Jian confessed her true identity to Do Kyung

And many thought...

"Whether Do Kyung will disclose that fact to his parents 
or he will acquiesce and keep the facts in between him and Jian? "

So...How do you think?^^


Okay, hear come the wrapped up from weekend news!

New nicknames for Park Si Hoo

1. 박시후, 이토록 속 깊은 오빠라니
1. Park Si Hoo, a deep-rooted brother.
(Or a caring brother)

~ He received this title from watching out for Jian.~

박시후, 신혜선의 '고민 해결사'로 나선 '국민 오빠'
Park Si Hoo 'A national brother ' spiraled into " A stress solver " for Shin Hye Sun

~ From trying to entertain her when he thought she was stress out from work.~

배우 박시후가 KBS ‘황금빛 내 인생’에서 속 깊은 오빠의
 모습과 함께 ‘고민 해결사’를 자처하며 훈훈함을 자아냈다. 

Actor, Park Si Hoo has become a "trouble solver" 
on  KBS's " My Golden Life" and a brother who cared deeply (for his sister).


Below was a comment from the news :
(Re : The blue print leters is from the news writer,  ED = me)

Link :, thank you!

Title : 'My golden life' is a solid popularity

'Secret of birth'. It is obvious and insulting, 

(ED : What the writer meant is...Korean drama used this so called "  Secret of birth " 
so much as the concept of the dramas. The insulting part has to do with, 
why can't they think of any new concept instead of reusing it again & again, 
and it considered " insulting their intelligent ". something like that. Hahaha )

Okay, continued...

 But it is strangely so attractive and the ratings also respond. 
This is why home theater can not break off this "Secret of birth". 

Jian repeatedly avoided the eyes of the Choi family and stick to her project, 
so Do Kyung set out to comfort his sister. But he's shocked by the unexpected confession. 

There is criticism that the behavior of a mother who deceives her own daughter 
as a daughter of the chaebol can not be forgiven.

 It's also a predictable part of the love line between Do Kyung and Jian 
who no longer a family member of the Haesung group. 

Soon Hyung Kyung, the author of this old materials, 
has been so quick to develop her story. 
Jian placed the process of knowing the secret of birth at the very beginning, 
and the scene of confessing of her secret of birth to Do Kyung also came out
 and made us wonder about future development. 

In the future, it will be interesting to see 
How the relationship between Jian and Do Kyung will change, 
and how do they change?


This last one from a korean blogger's point of view
But I never thought this way and it's interesting! ::

Shin Hye Sun confessed to Park Si Hoo that...
She is not Choi Eun Seok and Seo Ji Su is real Choi Eun Suk. 

Actually this is the beginning of the real story of the drama. 
Most viewers thought it was a fast story development, 
but in fact the story that's up until the 14th was nothing, 
it was only the bottom line and now the real story will begin. 

How do you love this key points in the future? - If the key point is Noblesse oblige.

Perhaps the key point is this Noblesse Obliger. 
Choi Do Kyung, the vice president, has already been arranged for his marriage.
 It maybe not officially a marriage yet, but in the case of a chaebol.
The choice of the heir of Haesung group who may have to choose 
his love story will be so dramatic.

By the way, this drama sounds striking to you yet?^^

~Thank you for reading ~