Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Park Si Hoo left a message at Sihoorang : I shot a poster today!

It will be a rough translation, not 100% accurate!

From Park Si Hoo on August 3, 2017

Picture from his instagram today

Original Text

여러분.. 다들 잘 지내시나요?^^

오늘 날씨가 뜨거울 정도로 무덥던데.. 다들 어떻게 지내시는지 궁금하네요…

아마 기사를 통해 소식을 들으셨을 거라고 생각하는데요..

제가 직접 소식과 인사를 전하고 싶어서 잠깐 글을 올립니다.

모두 아시겠지만, 이번에 새로운 드라마를 하게 됐습니다.

스텝 분들 배우 분들 모두 너무 좋은 분들을 만나게 돼서 결정하게 됐는데요.. 

아주 뜨거운 여름을 그보다 더 뜨거운 마음으로 연기에 임하며 열심히 촬영하고 있습니다.^^

오늘은 포스터 촬영을 했는데요, 분위기도 좋고 사진도 잘 나온 것 같아요… 

포스터 사진을 찍으니 정말 시작되었구나… 라는 생각으로 다시 한번 마음을 다잡기도하고, 

브라운관을 통해서 여러분들 만날 날이 멀지않았다는 생각에 설레기도 합니다.

좋은 드라마가 나올 것 같아서 저 또한 기대되고...
여러분들도 즐겁게 보실 수 있으실 것 같습니다.

많이 봐주시고, 사랑해주세요^^

그리고 앞으로는 더 자주 만날 수 있도록 노력할 생각이고, 

제가 글재주는 없지만.. 더 부지런해져서 글도 자주 남길 수 있도록 하겠습니다.

많이 응원해주시고 여러분 모두 항상 건강 조심하세요


💗  💗  💗  💗  💗

English version

Everyone ... Are you doing all right? ^^

The weather is so hot today ... I'm wondered how everyone is doing ...

I think you'd probably have heard the news through articles.

I wanted to send you my own news and  greetings directly after didn't post it for a while.

As all you know, this time I have a new drama.

I determine I have met people who are very good actors

So I am taking a hot summer with a hotter smile. ^^

I shot a poster today, and I think the atmosphere is good and the picture went very well...

I feel like it really started when you taking poster like this...I feel like I'm doing it again,

I am excited by the idea that today we can meet through the SNS isn't make us too far away

I'm expecting it will be a good drama, I think you will enjoy it.

Please watch it a lot, love you^^

And I will try to see you more often in the future

I don't have any words, 

But I will be more diligent so I can leave the message here more often

Please support me a lot and always take care of your health.

I love you ~ ^^

💗  💗  💗  💗  💗


  1. Hey sweetie,
    I didn't see this post at his instagram today, and you wrote 3 AUG 2016? ><
    I wonder if he deleted the post :(

    1. What? 2016? Where? Hahaha! Thanks for checking my mistake!^^

      What instagram account you went? This is his account :

      His picture's still there but the one I posted here,I added the words in it not exact the same as the original one he posted.

      For the message, he posted in sihoorang, his Korean fan club site that international fans can be their members too.